Dr Tony Sewell CBE

Senior Research Fellow, Demography, Immigration and Integration

Dr Sewell works as an educational consultant and Chair of Trustees for the charity ‘Generating Genius’, which helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to study Science and Technology at top universities. He has recently been named as Chair of the Government’s new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities.   He has worked as a Secondary School teacher in some of London’s most challenging schools and during this period he worked on his PhD ‘Black masculinities and schooling’ which became an iconic work and led to several key publications. He helped with the transformation of education in Hackney as part of the team that set up the Learning Trust and the celebrated Mossbourne School, the flagship of the Academy movement.   In 2012 he was appointed to Chair the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson’s Inquiry into London Education, which resulted in the London Schools Excellence Fund, a programme that helped London schools to achieve the top grades for their students. In 2016 Tony was awarded a CBE for his work in education. In 2017 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in law from the University of Exeter and in 2018 he became a Honorary Fellow of University College London. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of law from the University of Essex in 2019.

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