Susan Emmett

Susan Emmett
Susan Emmett is a researcher with 20 years experience analysing, writing about and commenting on the UK property market and housing. Most recently she was director of residential property at Savills, an international real estate company, where she worked with a team of 30 to deliver insight into property development, planning, regeneration and housing policies. In particular, her report Public Land: Unearthing Potential, prompted the compiling of the so-called “Domesday book” of all brownfield public land in London. As a regular presenter and media commentator, she has spoken at a number of major conferences, appeared on R4 Today, BBC News and Sky and is a recognised voice in the UK property industry. Before joining Savills, Susan was deputy property editor at The Times, where she launched the award-winning Bricks and Mortar property section.

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Better Brownfield

London needs to build 66,000 new homes a year. But with the population projected to grow by 70,000 a year up to 10.5 million by 2041, London also needs schools, shops, amenities and space for tens of thousands of new jobs. To prepare for and accommodate such levels of growth we must make the very best use of land in the capital. Yet despite the Mayoral drive to increase densities in London, too much space is wasted across the city on sites currently occupied by single-storey big box retail and industrial sheds. In this report we argue for the redevelopment of “Boxland” into genuinely mixed use neighbourhoods where people want to live.

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Susan Emmett — Policy Exchange's Head of Housing and Urban Regeneration — reflects on the country's housing situation following the Grenfell tragedy. Having pointed out that 'decades of insufficient housebuilding have left us with an undersupply of housing', she concludes that 'it is only by looking beyond partisanship and adopting a pragmatic and practical approach, that we will deliver lasting solutions to the housing crisis'.

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