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Technology Manifesto 2014

Politicians and policymakers must put technology front and centre of their thinking for the 2015 general election. This manifesto sets out three principal goals: to build the world's most connected and digitally skilled society; to make Britain the most attractive place outside of Silicon Valley for technology entrepreneurs to start and grow a business; and to make our government the smartest in the world.

Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger: Remaking government for the digital age

Smaller, Better, Faster, Stronger shows how government could save as much as £70 billion by 2020 if it adopted plans to eliminate paper and digitise its activities, work smarter with fewer staff in Whitehall, shop around for the best procurement deals, and accelerate the use of data and analytics.

The Superfast and the Furious: Priorities for the future of UK broadband policy

The Superfast and the Furious argues that politicians have become overly focused on broadband speeds. Instead the government should focus on helping the 10.8 million people not online and do more to help small businesses make the most of the opportunities presented by the internet.

Simple Things, Done Well: Making practical progress on digital engagement and inclusion

Simple Things, Done Well supports the greater use of the internet to deliver more personalised, cheaper and speedier public services but says that the government must pay special attention to older people who often prefer face-to-face contact when carrying out activities such as paying bills, grocery shopping or banking. Four out of ten people aged 65 or over do not have access to the internet at home, with 5.4 million […]

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Can doctors prescribe apps instead of medicine?

Sarah Fink, Policy Exchange's Technology Policy Research Fellow, examines the potential for embedding digital tools in the NHS. The key to doing so, she argues, is to create an infrastructure beyond simple ratings and reviews that ensure parents, carers and doctors are given confidence in their effectiveness.

The Year of Code may have got off to a bumpy start but the new focus on computer skills is both very welcome and essential

With 2014 being the government's 'Year of Code' Sarah Fink, Policy Exchange's Digital Government Research Fellow, looks at the steps being taken by the government to improve computer science teaching in schools. Sarah welcome the new emphasis on computer science teaching, but emphasises the need for the curriculum to keep pace with the rate of technological change and for the curriculum to be about more than just programming.

Why don’t women learn to code?

Sarah Fink, Digital Government Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, argues that International Women's Day is a good opportunity to address why so few women are involved in programming. Sarah highlights the gender imbalance with digital capabilities, stressing the importance of equipping women with the right skills as the sector grows.

The Superfast and the Furious

Sarah Fink, Digital Government Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, sets out findings from recent Policy Exchange broadband report The Superfast and the Furious, arguing for greater government support for consumers and small businesses lacking in digital capabilities.

It's not just about the pipes

Sarah Fink, Research Fellow for Digital Government at Policy Exchange, sets out findings from The Superfast and the Furious. Sarah notes the significant gaps in digital capability between small businesses and consumers, and recommends that the government helps them take advantage of the opportunities the internet has to offer.

Sharing in safety: deterring predatory behaviour on children’s social networks

Policy Exchange's Sarah Fink and Colleen Nwaodor reflect on a recent round table discussion convened by Policy Exchange's Digital Government Unit. The event explored the problem of predatory behaviour on social networks designed for children, and how this challenge might be overcome

Apps for citizens

Policy Exchange's Digital Government team, Chris Yiu and Sarah Fink, outline the discussion from a recent Policy Exchange roundtable 'Apps for Citizens'. The event explored what the government's 'digital-by-default' proposals for public services, coupled with the desire of external developers to innovate in the space between citizens and the state, means for public policy?

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