Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak is the Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorkshire). He was elected in 2015 and has the privilege of representing both the Army’s largest garrison, Catterick Garrison, and also RAF Leeming. Before entering Parliament, Rishi spent his professional career in business and finance, living and working internationally. He co‑founded an investment firm, working with companies from California to Bangalore. He then used that experience to help small and entrepreneurial British companies grow successfully. Rishi holds a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University and was a Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University where he studied for his MBA. He is the author of A Portrait of Modern Britain (Policy Exchange, 2014), The Free Ports Opportunity (Centre for Policy Studies, 2016) and A New Era for Retail Bonds (Centre for Policy Studies, 2017).

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Warning on undersea cables attracts widespread media coverage

The new Policy Exchange report warning that undersea communications cables are vital to our economy but vulnerable to attached attracted widespread national and regional media coverage, including its author, Rishi Sunak MP, appearing on Radio 4's Today programme and writing for the Telegraph.

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Undersea Cables: Indispensable, insecure

We must do more to protect the indispensable yet insecure internet infrastructure provided by undersea cables, urges Rishi Sunak MP in a new report published by Policy Exchange, Undersea Cables: Indispensable, insecure. 97% of global communications and $10 trillion in daily financial transactions are transmitted not by satellites in the skies, but by cables lying deep beneath the ocean. Undersea cables are the indispensable infrastructure of our time, essential to our modern life and digital economy, yet they are inadequately protected and highly vulnerable to attack at sea and on land, from both hostile states and terrorists.

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How Canadian Conservatives won over minority voters

Prior to Policy Exchange's awarding of the inaugural Disraeli Prize to Canadian minister Jason Kenney, Rishi Sunak examines Kenney's success in changing perceptions of ethnic minorities towards Canada's Conservatives.

Ways in which the Conservatives can win more ethnic minority votes

Rishi Sunak, Policy Exchange's Head of BME Research, sets out the importance of understanding that Britain's BME community is not one single monolithic group. He cites A Portrait of Modern Britain, Policy Exchange's new report, of which he is the co-author, which provides an in depth examination of the characteristics of the UK's five largest ethnic minority groups.

As ethnic minorities grow, politicians need a less crude approach to attracting them

Rishi Sunak, Policy Exchange's Head of BME Research, calls on Britain's political parties to take a step back and appreciate the significant differences between the UK's ethnic minority communities. These differences are important for politicians to bear in mind - policies in certain areas will disproportionately affect specific communities.

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