Ralph Hartley

Ralph Hartley
Ralph is now Policy Advisor at the National Deaf Children’s Society. During his time at Policy Exchange, Ralph worked on projects involving skills and special educational needs.Prior to joining Policy Exchange, Ralph worked in a public affairs role. He has a degree in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Related Publications

Vocational Value: The role of further education colleges in higher education

There are many challenges facing the government and all providers of higher education and higher skills. This report looks at three problems, and argues that Further Education Colleges can play a strong role in responding to all three.

Special Educational Needs: Reforming provision in English schools

This report considers potential reforms to the approach to SEN in England in the context of broader educational issues and policy changes. It also considers specific problems such as what SEN is, and how the government should approach inclusion before making further recommendations to improve assessment, funding and provision.

Teacher Expertise for Special Educational Needs

The research note recommends that all teachers should receive at least some SEN training as part of their initial training and that teachers in specialist roles should have or be working towards specialist qualifications specifically relevant to the needs of the children they are teaching.

Simply Learning: Improving the skills system in England

This report looks at the skills system in England in order to understand the problems which beset it and to offer recommendations for reform. It offers a critique of the 2006 Leitch review, which is seen as the major driving force behind recent Government policy on skills.

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