Nigel Biggar

Nigel Biggar

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From the Channel to Rwanda

Download Publication Online Reader The government’s Rwanda plan has been roundly denounced by the leaders of the main Christian churches in Britain.  Notably, the Archbishop of Canterbury devoted his Easter sermon to the subject and the Lords Spiritual have jointly attacked the Rwanda plan in the press.  Policy Exchange’s new paper answers the moral and theological critique which has been advanced in recent months.  The contributors to the paper, two […]

After Iraq: When to go to war?

This lecture by Professor Nigel Biggar was delivered at Policy Exchange on 31 January 2017. The lecture reflects on some of the moral lessons we should and should not learn from the recent history of British military interventions abroad, in view of the challenges and dilemmas Britain is likely continue to face in the future. After Iraq, it asks, what are the circumstances in which Britain should go to war?

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