Owen Corrigan

Owen Corrigan
Dr. Owen Corrigan joined Policy Exchange in October 2011. Prior to that he was a doctoral student in the School of Social Policy at Trinity College, Dublin. His thesis looked at legal status and migrant poverty in European welfare states, an area in which he has published peer-reviewed academic research. Owen has written on policy and politics for national publications in Ireland and has also spent some time in financial services. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Policy and a B.A. in Philosophy and Politics from Trinity College Dublin, and an M.Sc. in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford University.

Related Publications

Housing and Intergenerational Fairness

This report is Policy Exchange's contribution to retirement housing provider Hanover's Hanover@50 debate on the future of housing for older people. The report says reform of the planning system to encourage developers to build more homes, including bungalows and self build homes attractive to older people looking to downsize, is the fairer way of reducing the generational divide.

Technical Matters: Building a high quality technical and vocational route through the education system

Technical Matters calls for a distinct technical and vocational route through the education system to help reduce dropout and disengagement. Employers should work more closely with technical and vocational education providers to ensure the curriculum is relevant to future jobs and incorporates high quality instruction to industrial-level standards.

Related Blogs

Let's focus on high quality technical and vocational education

Dr Owen Corrigan, Education Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, sets out findings from his report on vocational education Technical Matters. Dr Corrigan argues that students should be offered an alternative route through the education system that focuses on high quality technical and vocational provision to help meet the needs of pupils better suited to practical subjects.

What about the snobbery that despises vocational education?

Education Research Fellow Owen Corrigan calls for politicians to dispel the impression that vocational education is a second-class form of education, arguing that it is an important alternative to academic education. He cites highly successful vocational education systems in Germany and Austria which have led to some of the lowest youth unemployment rates in Europe.

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