Lawrence Kay

Lawrence Kay
Lawrence now works at the World Bank. In his two-and-a-half years at Policy Exchange he worked on many parts of our economics work, but particularly concentrated on welfare reform. Lawrence was educated at the University of Essex and London School of Economics

Related Publications

Escaping the Poverty Trap: How to help people on benefits into work

The report recommends reducing the expected rises in benefits over the next few years, tapering away the Family element of the Child Tax Credit and Child Benefit at 39% once the Child Element has been exhausted and raising the earnings disregard for all means-tested benefits to £92.80.

Public Sector Pensions: The UK's second national debt

This report reveals the true extent of the public sector pension debt, which until now has been kept hidden and out of official figures. The cost of these schemes is much larger even the publicly acknowledged national debt.

The Case for a Basket: A New Way of Showing the True Value of Money

The Case For A Basket, recommends the introduction of a new indexed unit of account that is tied to inflation as measured by a consumer price index (the existing Consumer Price Index, for example). This indexed unit, called a ‘basket’, would help people assess value, even where price levels fluctuate, enabling them to make far more rational financial calculations.

The Cost of Complexity

The Cost of Complexity sets out in detail the complexity of the British tax system and the malign influence this has on the economy.

When Hassle Means Help

When Hassle Means Help, with contributions from international welfare experts, examines why conditionality works well in other countries, such as the US, Sweden and Germany – why it isn’t working in the UK – and how governments can most effectively get people back into work.

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