Khalid Mahmood

Khalid Mahmood
Khalid Mahmood is MP for Birmingham Perry Barr and a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange. He is a former Labour Shadow Minister for Defence Procurement and former Shadow Minister of State for Europe. He is also the Chairman of the All Party Group on Tackling Terrorism and is Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on International Relations. He has been Member of Parliament for Birmingham Perry Barr since the 2001 general election. He is a graduate of UCE Birmingham and a former engineer with a trade union background. He was a Birmingham City Councillor from 1990–1993, resigning his seat after leaving the city to work in Kuwait. He served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Home Office Minister Tony McNulty MP from 2005–06.

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A definition of Islamophobia?

Download Publication Online Reader Policy Exchange today shines a light on how the term ‘Islamophobia’ is being regularly misused to silence open debate about contemporary issues, with a series of egregious examples since the 7/10 attacks by Hamas. Those examples are catalogued in this report, including how asking an MP to agree that terrorists should attack fewer people is ‘Islamophobic’, as is calling for the release of hostages while visiting a […]

The Trial: the strange case of Trevor Phillips

The startling revelation that the Labour Party is threatening to expel Trevor Phillips on grounds of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’ will be received in different ways. On the one hand, it looks like an act of folly from a party leadership whose power has been waning since the general election. Alongside this, this regrettable case is significant for the extent to which it underlines the nature of the ‘Islamophobia’ definition that has been adopted by a number of political parties and civil society groups over the last year – with Labour being one of those leading the way when the party adopted the definition in March 2019.

Aiding the Enemy

The UK urgently needs a new definition of treason that will recognise the nature of the threats we face today, argues a new paper from Policy Exchange, Aiding the Enemy: How and why to restore the law of treason, by Tom Tugendhat MP, Khalid Mahmood MP, Head of Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project Professor Richard Ekins and barrister and former army officer Patrick Hennessey.

Unsettled Belonging: A survey of Britain’s Muslim communities

This new report — by Dr Martyn Frampton, David Goodhart, and Khalid Mahmood — involves the most extensive research of British Muslims ever conducted, and 'finds they broadly share the same views as the rest of the population'.

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Chris Mullin must surrender all the evidence he has so the real Birmingham pub bombers can be brought to justice, argues Policy Exchange Senior Fellow Labour MP Khalid Mahmood

The Birmingham pub bombings on 21 November 1974 killed 21 and injured 182 civilians in my home city of Birmingham.  The atrocity is back in the news. Under the Terrorism Act 2000, the West Midlands police have applied for an order requiring Chris Mullin, journalist and former Labour MP — whose investigation of what turned out to be an appalling miscarriage of justice led to the release in 1991 of […]

The Batley and Spen by-election result is a repudiation of identity politics

What should we make of the Batley and Spen by-election, won by Labour with a majority of just 323 votes? The victory, slim though it may be, is a credit to Kim Leadbeater who – with a gutsy campaign – has proved her doubters wrong and done her sister, the late Jo Cox, proud. This was by no means an easy campaign to fight. During the most toxic by-election for […]

My three fears about Taliban-run Afghanistan

When the Taliban were toppled in Afghanistan in 2001, I had only been a member of Parliament – representing a constituency that has many Muslim, as well as non-Muslim, voters – for a matter of months. But I can remember well the mood of the House in the weeks that followed. No one was under any illusions. This wasn’t going to be easy. The West’s involvement in Afghanistan was likely […]

Hartlepool is a Wake-Up Call for my Party

The election of a Conservative MP in Hartlepool for the first time in the constituency’s modern history is yet another wake-up call for my party. Peter Mandelson once enjoyed a 17,500 majority here. Now the Tories are deep into what was once safe Labour territory – the industrial heartlands of the North – with a 7,000 majority of their own. In the West Midlands it looks again like Labour will […]

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