Karen Sosa

Karen Sosa

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In the Public Interest: Reforming the Crown Prosecution Service

In the Public Interest explores the role and responsibility of the Crown Prosecution Service. It says the prosecution service should retain its powers but calls for more transparency and accountability when it comes to measuring the organisation’s successes and failures.

Proceed with Caution: Use of Out-of-Court Disposals in England & Wales

New analysis by Policy Exchange shows that there is widespread and inconsistent use of out-of-court disposals such as cautions and penalty notices. Proceed with Caution also finds that some serious offenders are escaping justice by avoiding prosecution or because many simply do not pay a penalty notice.

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It's time for the Crown Prosecution Service to grow up

Karen Sosa, Crime & Justice Research Fellow at Policy Exchange and author of recent report In the Public Interest, writes highlighting failings with the Crown Prosecution Service. She calls for greater accountability for the organisation, as well as a greater public-facing approach to its work.

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