Joshua Burke

Joshua Burke
Josh Burke was a Research Fellow in the Energy and Environment Unit. From 2014 – to 2017 he worked as a Project Manager in an AiM listed renewable energy project developer focussing on distributed generation. He has experience developing a variety of technologies such as biomass CHP, battery storage and flexible gas reciprocating engines. Prior to this he has worked in the public policy sphere at both Chatham House and The Overseas Development Institute contributing to reports on water, energy and food security. He has a BSc in Geography from the University of Nottingham , an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.

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Policy Exchange wins prize as best UK think on Energy and Environment issues

At the prestigious annual Prospect Think Tank of the Year Awards, Policy Exchange has won best UK think tank in the Energy and Environment category.

Joshua Burke gives evidence to Parliamentary committee

Policy Exchange Energy and Environment Research Fellow gave evidence to the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, speaking on opportunities for waste management following Brexit – the subject of our report Going Round in Circles.

Where should the Chancellor focus his attention for a low-carbon transition?

Policy Exchange Energy and Environment Research Fellow Joshua Burke writes for Business Green with some recommendations for how the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, should focus his attention for a low-carbon transition.

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Fuelling the Future

Scotland and North East England offer the best opportunities for successful hydrogen production hubs, while investment in cost-effective hydrogen production technologies - such as electrolysis - would open up export opportunities and address both the Industrial and Clean Growth strategies, according to the new report from Policy Exchange’s award-winning energy team, with a Foreword from the first elected Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen.

The Future of Carbon Pricing: Implementing an independent carbon tax with dividends in the UK

A economy-wide carbon tax paid by both domestic and international producers would prevent carbon leakage, level the playing field for Britain’s heavy industry, fund a dividend to be paid to taxpayers and tackle climate change, argues the new report from Policy Exchange’s influential Energy unit, The Future of Carbon Pricing: Implementing an independent carbon tax with dividends in the UK. A better approach would reduce the cost of decarbonisation, prevent the offshoring of emissions and make carbon pricing popular.

Clean Growth: How to boost business energy productivity

The Government should establish a new Energy Efficiency Delivery Unit and Energy Performance Certificates should be linked to business rates to incentivise landlords to invest more in energy efficiency, according to Clean Growth, the new report from Policy Exchange’s influential and expert Energy and Environment team. The report calls for a new approach by Government to encourage investment in business energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions and improve business productivity. Existing tools like the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme can be much better used – and must be extended to public sector institutions like the NHS and MoD.

Farming Tomorrow

This major new Policy Exchange report sets out the once in a generation opportunity that Brexit offers our nation to reform its agricultural and environmental policy. Since 1973, UK farm and food policies have conformed to the rules and objectives of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) — the EU’s principal policy programme. Doing so has, at great expense, reduced Britain’s agricultural productivity by lessening competition and supporting inefficient farmers. It has also increased costs for consumers. This report outlines opportunities to improve policy by focusing on four main interest groups: consumers, producers, the wider rural economy, and the environment. This report offers timely and comprehensive analysis and answers to some of the most pressing policy questions of our day.

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Policy win for Policy Exchange as the tide ebbs out on the Lagoon

The Government has announced that the proposed tidal lagoon will not go ahead, 18 months after Policy Exchange raised questions. The robust independent analysis of the scheme by Policy Exchange is credited as having provided ballast for government thinking.

Are we really on the cusp of a 'hydrogen economy'?

Hydrogen is making headlines again, but is the excitement justified? Josh Burke examines if we are really on the cusp of a ‘hydrogen economy’ and why the Government is right to target investment at lowering the high cost of producing large volumes of low carbon hydrogen.

Turning on the tap of reform: the UK water market and how consumers – and the environment – are losing out

Environment and Energy Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, Josh Burke, explores the recent speech by DEFRA Secretary Michael Gove on the water industry and finds much to praise - but also that there is more reform needed.

Don't write off Blockchain because of the Bitcoin hype

Energy & Environment Research Fellow Joshua Burke examines the role of blockchain in building trust and transparency in structures of governance and how this can be applied to carbon-pricing schemes.

Comment on the Government's 25-year environmental plan

Policy Exchange's Josh Burke comments favourably on the Prime Minister's speech on the environment - the first such speech by a Prime Minister in over 10 years.

Challenges and opportunities for the UK trade in waste

Following his evidence session to the Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub Committee, Energy and Environment Research fellow Joshua Burke reflects on the opportunities and challenges facing the UKs trade in waste post Brexit. The impact of tariff and non-tariff barriers on the regulatory, spatial, environmental and economic dimensions that govern the UK’s trade in waste are examined in the context of Refuse Derived Fuel.

The Clean Growth Strategy: worth the wait?

Policy Exchange's Energy and Environment Research Fellows, Matthew Rooney and Joshua Burke, respond to the Government's Clean Growth Strategy. The long awaited strategy document detailing how the UK will meet their emissions reductions targets was published on Thursday. In it there is positive news for onshore wind, nuclear power and the hydrogen economy, whilst fracking is a notable absence. A next big decision for the Government to make is whether the UK will remain in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Policy Exchange are currently conducting research into the potential benefits of leaving the scheme and implementing a British carbon tax system.

A second wind: the economics of offshore become increasingly competitive

Following our 'The electric economy: achieving our low carbon energy future' event this week, where experts debated the future of Britain’s electricity system, Joshua Burke - Policy Exchange Energy and Environment Research Fellow - further explores this area and, in particular, the potential economic benefits of offshore wind.

Clean Growth: How can we improve business energy efficiency?

Policy Exchange's Energy and Environment unit announces the launch of its new project looking at the opportunities for and barriers to boosting business energy efficiency. Richard Howard and Joshua Burke set out the context for this project, and identify the important questions they will seek to answer.

America cedes ground in the environmental and diplomatic race

Joshua Burke — Policy Exchange's Energy and Environment Research Fellow — responds to President Trump's decision to exit the Paris climate treaty. Considering the decision in relation to the 'tectonic plates of geopolitics', he claims that 'it is hard not to envision gleeful faces in China', and concludes that America’s withdrawal will 'no doubt weaken their geopolitical standing'

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