Jos Henson Grič

Jos Henson Grič
Jos joined Policy Exchange in February 2018 as a Research Fellow in the Economics and Social Policy Team, with a focus on the role of Technology and Science in shaping the UK’s future. Prior to joining Policy Exchange Jos worked for several FinTech startups, in both the UK and Slovakia, leading work on innovation, product development and partnerships. Jos served as a Senior Policy Researcher at the Centre for Social Justice from 2013-2015, publishing three key reports on personal debt, financial inclusion and the role of FinTech in improving financial capability for low-income households. As a freelance researcher and consultant, Jos has written reports and worked for the Open Society Foundation, the Big Lottery Fund, the Spectator and Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach. During his education, he studied in the US, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, focusing on Economics, History, EU Integration and Law.

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FinTech for All

Why do 1.23 million people lack access to a bank account? What can be done to help the 10 million people who rely on non-standard credit? How can the Government ensure that everybody gets access to debt and financial advice? This report, by Benjamin Barnard and Jos Henson Gric, shows how innovations in Financial Technology can improve access to banking, credit, insurance and debt advice services. It shows how the Government can encourage the one of the UK’s most innovative sectors to improve the lives of the poorest in society, particularly those on Universal Credit.

Social Care

What do we want from the next Prime Minister on Social Care?

21st Century Social Care

This research paper explores the nature and extent of the serious and urgent problems affecting the provision of social care in the UK.

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Policy Exchange's latest recruit, Jos Henson-Gric, who previously worked in FinTech in the UK and Europe, looks at the Chancellor's speech on FinTech and the Government's new strategy and asks if it's missing a trick when it comes to banking for those on low incomes.

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