Jonathan McClory

Jonathan is currently working at The Boston Consulting Group in the Public Sector Practice Area. He was previously a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government.He graduated from the University of Michigan with a dual degree in economics and politics. In 2006 he completed a MSc in Public Policy at University College London. Jonathan has previously worked at the American Consulate in Hamburg, Germany and for the BBC at Television Centre in London.Jonathan worked for the Crime and Justice Unit, specialising in policing and violent crime.

Related Publications

Getting to the point: Reducing gun and knife crime in Britain: lessons from abroad

Dr Bob Golding and Jonathan McClory build on the findings of their first report - Going Ballistic - and discuss four case studies from international cities that have successfully reduced violent gun and knife crime.

Going Ballistic: dealing with guns, gangs and knives

Going Ballistic's findings support four primary arguments: that official crime figures do not reflect the experiences of many communities in England and Wales; that information and intelligence sharing between agencies is lacking; that early intervention and prevention work needs to be targeted and expanded and that the relevant legislation governing gun and knife crime is a mess.

Footing the Bill: Reforming the Police Service

Footing the Bill investigates the challenges police face in containing costs and balancing protective services, counter-terrorism and neighbourhood policing.

Unlocking the Prison Estate: Modernising the Prison System in England and Wales

In the face of the inadequacy of Britain's prison system, Unlocking the Prison Estate, argues that by unlocking the value in the prison estate the Government could generate sufficient funds to construct modern prisons that are fit for purpose and offer a greater number of prison places.

Gun and Knife Crime in Great Britain

This publication explores public perceptions of gun and knife crime, opinions about the Government’s response, the ease of which members of the public can get hold of illegal firearms, and the level of support for tougher penalties and robust enforcement.

Fitting the Bill: Local Policing for the 21st Century

Fitting the Bill investigates whether, and to what extent, increased local autonomy for the police could improve policing.

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