James O'Shaughnessy

James O'Shaughnessy

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Competition Meets Collaboration: Helping school chains address England’s long tail of educational failure

Competition meets Collaboration presents evidence showing that not only do Academies work when it comes to raising standards, but that Academy chains can be even more effective at improving results than single Academies. The report makes recommendations for encouraging the growth of more and bigger academy chains.

The Leadership Effect: Can Headteachers Make a Difference?

We expect more of our school leaders than ever before. Gone is the view of the head teacher as primus inter pares; they are now supposed to be visionary leaders, curriculum specialists, disciplinarians, senior managers, community representatives and, just occasionally, teachers too. They are expected to transform the worst state schools and maintain performance in the best. But is this emphasis on leadership justified? Can headteachers make a difference?

More Good School Places

More Good School Places calls for all children at failed state schools to receive up to £6,000 additional funding per annum - the Advantage Premium - to help them access better education.

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Why for-profit companies should take over weak schools

James O'Shaughnessy, author of recent Policy Exchange report Competition Meets Collaboration on ways to tackle failing schools in the UK, argues that failing schools should join successful Academy chains to drive up standards. If this is ineffective, then he suggests education management organisations, including both profit and not-for-profit, should take on the running of these schools.

A chain reaction that would fix Britain's failing schools

James O'Shaughnessy, former Head of Policy for No. 10 and author of recent Policy Exchange report Competition Meets Collaboration, argues that following the new Ofsted inspection scheme, an increasing number of schools in Britain will be told they are failing. James suggests new ways to tackle this problem, including creating more academy chains.

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