James Frayne

James Frayne
James Frayne is Director of Policy & Strategy. In this role he oversees the organisation’s research programme.James joined Policy Exchange in November 2014, following a period working in New York City. Prior to that James was Director of Communications for the Department for Education between 2011 and 2012, focusing on the Government’s extensive reform programme.James has worked for a number of high-profile organisations in politics and the corporate world. He was Campaign Director of the successful North East Says No campaign in the 2004 referendum and began his career as a policy researcher at Business for Sterling, the anti-euro campaign.James has appeared widely in the national media. In 2013, his book on public opinion was published – Meet the People – which looks at how organisations must prioritise public communications as they seek to shape their reputation.

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Open super-selective schools to extend elite education into state sector, says former Gove adviser

Schools Week cites comments by James Frayne, Policy Exchange's Director of Policy and Strategy, calling for the creation of super selective schools that will extend elite education into the state sector.

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Overlooked But Decisive: Connecting with England’s Just about Managing classes

Despite their overwhelming importance, “squeezed middle” voters - those in the C1/C2 socio-economic classes - across England’s most marginal seats feel overlooked and unrepresented. Overlooked but Decisive examines the values and political attitudes of this group and develops a detailed profile of this groups values and beliefs.

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James Frayne, Policy Exchange's Director of Policy & Strategy, calls for the government to consider creating an online platform that sets out exactly what the best schools demand from top performers, in order to allow other parents and pupils to emulate their success.

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James Frayne, Policy Exchange's Director of Policy & Strategy, writes arguing that Labour has lost the support of England's C1 and C2 voters, and must win them back if it is to have a hope of forming a government again.

The Conservatives must become the party for the ‘just about managing’ class

James Frayne, Policy Exchange's Director of Policy and Strategy, sets out the findings from Overlooked But Decisive, our new report profiling C1 and C2 voters. Such voters values above all else family and fairness. This means these voters want an active, practical approach from Government that helps improve their everyday lives. But they also want to see the Government create a fairer system where hard work and playing by the rules is rewarded and the opposite punished.

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