James Cracknell

James Cracknell

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Schools should stop 'fat shaming' overweight children and give them advice to lose weight, says report

The Independent covers the launch of Policy Exchange's new publication Britain Imbalanced, and highlights the need to stop 'fat shaming' overweight children.

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Britain Imbalanced

Britain Imbalanced lists a series of ideas to promote physical activity and prevent the rise of obesity. Double Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell proposes that schools should provide parents with advice linked to encouraging more sleep, physical exercise and eating nutritious meals. He also says Public Health England needs to do more to explore the issue of underweight children as evidence suggests people are more likely to die when clinically underweight than overweight.

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Stopping the obesity juggernaut will be a real legacy for our children

Following his appointment as Senior Research Fellow, James Cracknell outlines the focus of his upcoming work at Policy Exchange. James will explore the long-term impacts of obesity and inactivity on the future of Britain’s economy and health. The project will look at how healthy eating and a more active lifestyle could improve both private and public sector productivity.

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