Hiba Sameen

Whilst at Policy Exchange Henry was responsible for developing the research programme into health and social care.

Related Publications

Controlling Public Spending: How to Cut 25%

By Ed Holmes. Edited by Hiba Sameen & Dr Andrew Lilico. The Coalition government plans to cut departmental budgets by 25% by 2014/15.  This major report considers how to achieve this for six key departments: Education, Business, Innovation and Skills, Communities and Local Government, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and Energy and Climate Change. For these, we examine the status, feasibility and merit for spending reduction for each […]

The Cost of Inaction: Why cutting spending will boost recovery, even in the short term

The report argues that, whilst it has not yet filtered into wider general consciousness, there is a large body of economic evidence suggesting that reducing government borrowing would lead to higher growth, even in the short term (i.e. cutting the deficit early would promote recovery, not endanger it).

Taxation, Growth and Employment

This report examines the effect of various different types of tax on economic growth and employment.

Controlling Spending and Government Deficits: Lessons from History and International Experience

Controlling Spending and Government Deficits draws from twelve international and historical case studies in order to examine how Britain might best rid itself of the current overwhelming deficit.

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