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Saving Grace: Reforming the presentation and composition of current savings policies

Since Labour entered government in 1997 it has developed several schemes for encouraging an increase in the rate of saving. But because much of it has been insufficiently co-ordinated it is now time to develop a holistic approach that makes saving consistently attractive.

Financial Instability: are Counter Cyclical Capital Controls the answer?

Published soon after the announcement of the European Systemic Risk Board, Financial Instability: are Counter Cyclical Capital Controls the answer? looks at how Counter Cyclical Capital Controls (CCCCs) could work in the UK.

The Balanced Incentive Scheme

The Balanced Incentive Scheme proposes reforms to the current remuneration system.

Beyond Inflation Targeting: The New Paradigm for Central Bank Policy

This report brings together five essays from leading economists on their visions for reformed inflation targetting. The authors encompass a wide range of views: from simple amendments to the current framework, to the complete abolition of Central Banks.

What Really Happened?

By Helen Thomas & Miles Saltiel We face a credit crisis, not the demise of capitalism. Governments will intervene because they have to, but they have a choice about what form that intervention will take. To choose the right policy, they must be clear about what went wrong. Without this analysis, another crisis could be lurking around the corner. What Really Happened? gives an account of the causes of the credit crunch […]

Will the Splurge work?

Policy Exchange investigates whether recently announced government stimulus measures will work.

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