Guy Miscampbell

Guy Miscampbell
Guy joined Policy Exchange in August 2012 as an intern with the Economics and Social Policy Unit, before becoming a Research Assistant in November 2012 and a Research Fellow in October 2013.Prior to joining Policy Exchange he read Economics and Politics at Durham University. Whilst there he interned in the office of United States Congressman Don Young, as well as winning the inaugural Global Debate and Public Policy Championship.

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Welfare Manifesto 2015

The Welfare Manifesto shows how to make the welfare system fit for the 21st Century. The report sets out principles to be make the system simpler, more effective, fairer, more affordable, and reward contribution.

Joined Up Welfare: The next steps for personalisation

Jobcentres are failing to help people find long-term work and should be restructured under new plans that will enable private companies and charities to compete with government providers to offer more personalised and specialist support to jobseekers. Joined up Welfare shows that just over a third (36%) of people using jobcentres find sustained work. Many find themselves in and out of employment largely due to having barriers to work which […]

Smarter Sanctions: Sorting out the system

Benefit claimants who breach their job search requirements for the first time will be given “top-up” benefit cards and be asked to sign on daily as part of a new proposal to create a more compassionate but stricter sanctions regime. Smarter Sanctions reveals that each year as many as 68,000 people on Jobseeker’s Allowance have their benefits taken away by mistake and face unnecessary hardship as a result. This figure […]

Financing Small and Growing Firms post

A new Policy Exchange report, The Fog of Law, co-authored by Tom Tugendhat and Laura Croft, shows how the application of civilian norms to military conduct has led to a surge in legal claims against the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The costs of litigation have now risen out of proportion with forecasts, with the number of claims brought against the MOD totalling 5,827 in 2012-2013.

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Will US-style campaign technology provide the winning edge in 2015?

Guy Miscampbell, Policy Exchange's Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, looks to see what lessons the UK can learn from US-style campaigning technology. Guy argues that, whilst the funding gap between US and UK election campaigning is massive, UK parties could implement important elements, such as increasing mining for electorally useful data.

Benefit sanctions – we need a regime both more compassionate and more strict

Guy Miscampbell, Policy Exchange Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, sets out the findings from his report Smarter Sanctions. The report finds that 68,000 people a year have their benefits taken away unfairly. Guy sets out how we can build a more compassionate, yet stricter, sanctions system that will provide a safety net for those whose benefits are withdrawn unfairly, better engage first time offenders and be tougher with those who persistently breaches the conditions of their benefits.

Policy Exchange wants to hear about problems facing frontline social worker problems

Guy Miscampbell, Policy Exchange's Economics & Social Policy Research Assistant, sets out plans for upcoming research by Policy Exchange on children’s and adult social work. Those working in social care should get in touch with Guy to ensure the research draws on first-hand experience on the front line.

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