Glyn Gaskarth

Glyn Gaskarth

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'Commuter cops' threaten Met's response to terror attacks

The Evening Standard reports on Policy Exchange’s latest report Commuter Cops. “Scotland Yard’s ability to respond to a terror attack is being threatened by sky-high property prices forcing thousands of officers to become “commuter cops” living outside London, a new report warned today. It raised the alarm over police officers giving up hope of being able to afford a home in the capital. The Policy Exchange study called for the […]

Empty Tube station ticket offices 'should be turned into police contact points'

The Evening Standard cites Glyn Gaskarth's, Head of Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange, recommendation that empty tube ticket offices should be turned into police contact points.

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Commuter Cops: Helping our police to live in the city they serve

Expensive inner-London police stations should be converted into housing to increased the number of officers living in the city, and improve the Met’s contact with the communities it serves.

Boosting London’s Frontline Policing

Today Glyn Gaskarth, Head of Crime & Justice at Policy Exchange, suggests locating police officers in recently closed London underground ticket offices.

Swift and Certain: A new paradigm for criminal justice

Housing associations are being stifled by unnecessary red tape that prevents them from building 100,000 new homes a year – a third of the total housing supply needed to keep up with demand. The government should create a new category of 'Free Housing Associations', that are able to set their own rent policy, choose their own tenants and manage their housing stock with greater autonomy.

No More Tiers: Reforming Shire Government

This report outlines a better model of local government: an innovative model of 'federal' county government, which streamlines bureaucracy and presents a unified public face, while power originates at a very local level and is delegated up where necessary.

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Why we should electronically monitor alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange’s Head of Crime & Justice, argues that alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse should be electronically monitored when the risk level warrants it, at the recommendation of a Judge.

Rethinking the emergency services split

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange’s Head of Crime & Justice, looks at the impact of the transfer of responsibility for the Fire and Rescue Service to the Home Office and the proposal for Police and Crime Commissioners to be able to take over governance of their local Fire and Rescue Service.

Poor people need more bobbies on the beat

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, sets out the case made by David Lammy MP in his recent report for Policy Exchange Low Crime for All. The report calls for a more visible police force, with a greater emphasis on foot patrols in poorer areas.

The Police have delivered ‘more for less’ for five years and we should celebrate that more

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, recounts his experience at the recent Police Federation conference. He argues that - counter to the conference's theme that "cuts have consequences", the police have in fact been able to do more with less, and offers suggestions for ways the police are able to do more still.

Six ways the police need to change

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, sets out 6 ways in which the police need to change to maintain their effectiveness against a background of austerity. He proposes changes to the police estate, a greater focus on crime prevention, embracing new technology and increased collaboration with other emergency services.

Prison Works

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, examines Nick Clegg's recent speech saying that he wants fewer offenders to be sent to jail.

Law breakers should not influence law makers

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, sets out four reasons why the European Court of Human Rights was wrong to dictate that UK prisoners should be able to vote in elections.

Labour shouldn't be scrapping PCCs, it should be working out how to make them better

Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, calls for Labour not to scrap PCCs. Glyn points out the good work many Labour PCCs have been doing on issues that Labour voters really care about, and asks what why an alternative arrangement would be better. He calls for Labour to instead develop a vision for how they would improve the role.

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