Eddie Barnes

Eddie Barnes

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The Union is stronger today than it was this time last week - but the long game to secure Scotland's place in the Union is still to be won

We can but speculate about Nicola Sturgeon’s reasons for quitting on Wednesday this week – the fall out over her Gender Recognition Bill, the failure of her independence strategy, a genuine belief she isn’t the right person to take forward her party: who can know for sure?  But one thing we can say with some clarity is that her shock departure on Wednesday this week provides a definite and much-needed […]

Why we should take Alex Salmond’s ‘Alba’ party seriously

Sceptics who scoff at the prospects of pop-up parties which seek to break the mould of established politics should consider two key points before doing the same with “Alba”, the new party which launched in Scotland today: the Scottish Parliament’s electoral system, and the personality of its founder, Alex Salmond. For all that the launch of Mr Salmond’s new party was cack-handed , his new venture needs to be taken […]

To prevent the break-up of the UK, we must learn from remainers’ errors during the EU referendum

Not a vote has yet been cast in the Scottish Parliament elections, scheduled for May 5th. So confident that a nationalist majority is already in the bag, however, the pro-independence campaign is already planning life after victory. An 11-point plan has been published on how to take forward a referendum. We are told that the as yet un-won majority the SNP expects to win will be evidence of Scotland’s desire […]

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