Dr Geoff Raby

Dr Geoff Raby
Dr Geoff Raby was Head of Trade Policy at Policy Exchange. He is a former Australian Ambassador to China, and to the World Trade Organisation. He has also held the positions of Deputy Secretary in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, First Assistant Secretary to the Trade Negotiations Division, APEC Ambassador, and Head of the OECD Trade Policy Issues Division. Currently Chairman and CEO of Geoff Raby and Associates Ltd, Geoff also holds a number of non-executive, independent director positions with ASX-listed companies, and is on the advisory board of various non-profit organisations. In recognition of his contribution to advancing relations between Australia and China, Geoff was made Friendship Ambassador to Shandong Province, and an honorary citizen of Chengdu City.

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Japan’s PM Shinzō Abe confirms Policy Exchange research

Japan would welcome Britain to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal “with open arms”, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe told the Financial Times. His remarks confirm Policy Exchange’s recent findings in Trading Tigers, which argued that “UK membership would be attractive to Japan in view of the substantial Japanese investment flows to the UK and the addition of a sizeable market.”

Lord Leigh of Hurley commended the “excellent work of Policy Exchange on free trade”

Lord Leigh of Hurley commended the “excellent work of Policy Exchange, and in particular Dr Geoff Raby and his work on free trade” in the House of Lords

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Trading Tigers

Brexit offers the opportunity to join free trade deals with fast growing economies like members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) – but only if the UK is free to make commitments on both goods and services, argues a new essay by Policy Exchange’s Head of Trade Policy Geoff Raby and Head of Economics Warwick Lightfoot.

Global Champion: The case for unilateral free trade

In a major new study, Policy Exchange argues that as the UK leaves the EU, it should unilaterally abolish all tariffs. This would reduce UK consumers' shopping bills, increase productivity and promote global prosperity. We can also disarm the threat of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. In the Foreword, Australian High Commissioner to London Alexander Downer said: “Trade is not a zero-sum equation. In the decades ahead all major economies should remove their tariffs and open their markets to competition. As the UK once again takes its place at the WTO it should take the opportunity lead by example and remove its tariffs.”

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Customs Union: A soft option with a dead end

Geoff Raby, Policy Exchange’s Head of Trade Policy, welcomes the latest pronouncement of Philip Hammond’s in favour of the UK still leaving the Customs Union — but notes that the Chancellor hinted that there might be a transitional arrangement to remain inside it. Raby points out the potential perils in this stance, not least of which is that transitional arrangements could solidify into permanent ones.

What would WTO mean?

Policy Exchange’s Head of Trade Policy Geoff Raby and Visiting Fellow Andrew Stoler argue that “While a high-quality FTA with the EU is the preferred outcome and in the best interests of both parties, the UK need not fear a world in which trade in goods and services and the regulatory disciplines that apply are those of the modern WTO.” They set out in an article for ConservativeHome how even in sectors with relatively high WTO tariffs, any challenge is likely to be greater for EU exporters to the UK than for UK exporters to the EU

The Realities of a US-UK Free Trade Agreement

In a piece first published by ConservativeHome, Geoff Raby, Policy Exchange's Head of Trade Policy, contends that while 'undoubtedly the UK and USA will be able to negotiate a post-Brexit high-quality FTA', many 'major unknowns' remain as yet unresolved.

Britain’s Services Trade Can Flourish Outside of the EU’s Single Market

Geoff Raby — Policy Exchange's Head of Trade Policy — and Andrew Stoler contend that 'the reality is that the UK has many realistic options outside the Single Market, and both the UK and EU have much to gain from negotiating a sensible agreement on services'

The UK could simultaneously negotiate four or five Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) after Brexit

Geoff Raby — Policy Exchange's Head of Trade Policy — and Peter Grey discuss processes for negotiating trade agreements

The EU’s Ambiguous Legal Position in the WTO Reduces the Uncertainty over Britain’s Post-Brexit Trading Relationships

Dr Geoff Raby — Policy Exchange's Head of Trade Policy — concludes that 'the hurdles at the WTO that worry many may not be so insurmountable after all'

A UK-EU Free Trade Agreement Will Be the Most Unusual in History

Policy Exchange's Head of Trade Policy contends that 'making an early and confident start on a broad-based FTA agenda would contribute to lifting business and international confidence in a post-Brexit UK'.

Britain’s historic opportunity to trade

Dr Geoff Raby, former Australian Ambassador to the WTO, urges the UK to begin preliminary free trade discussions with Australia and New Zealand before Article 50 is triggered.

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