Dr Dominic Burbidge

Dr Dominic Burbidge
Dr Dominic Burbidge researches judicial-legislative relations and constitutional law, with particular interest in devolution. He read his doctorate in the University of Oxford.

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Derogation from the European Convention on Human Rights in Armed Conflict: Submission to the JCHR

As is now well known, Brexit does not affect the UK's commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg will continue to be able to determine whether UK law and Government actions are compliant with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)...

Government deploys arguments developed by Policy Exchange in its Supreme Court appeal

Jo Maugham QC, a prominent supporter of the Article 50 litigation, remarks: ‘An awful lot – possible all? – of the secondary material the Government is citing is to be found on the website of @judicialpwr’.

Policy Exchange highlighted as Government declares intention to legislate against unnecessary Judicial Review of armed forces

Dominic Burbidge, Policy Exchange's Judicial Power Project Research Fellow, discusses the way in which the Ministry of Defence has 'highlighted Policy Exchange’s work identifying the growing judicialisation of military operations' 

Media coverage of Policy Exchange’s panel on ‘Criticism and Accountability in Judging’

  Conservative Home: “Policy Exchange, with its Judicial Power Project, is setting the pace. Others need to keep up.”   Recent controversy on judging the legality of Brexit and the role the media should play in holding the judiciary to account was at the centre of Policy Exchange’s seminar held Monday with Rt Hon Lord Hope KT, Rt Hon Lord Howard QC CH, Charles Moore, and Joshua Rozenberg. The panel […]

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