Chris Brannigan

Chris Brannigan
Chris Brannigan is a Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange. Most recently he was at the No10 Policy Unit providing policy advice to the Prime Minister. He was part of the Integrated Defence, Foreign Policy and Development Review Task Force. Prior to that, he was Director of Government Relations to Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Operation COVID-19

Military commanders and decision makers understand that plans have to be made to work, within a time frame and to an agreed outcome. Everyone within the structure of planning and delivery understands that their responsibility, authority and accountability are evidently embodied in their respective role. This culture of trust and credibility is not always evident in some Whitehall bastions. This may not matter much in normal times, but can create frictions and diversions in a time of crisis, says Chris Brannigan, former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Defence matters.

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