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Related Publications

Lasting Change or Passing Fad? Problem Solving Justice in England and Wales

This report seeks to identify strategies that reformers can utilise to spread problem-solving justice as broadly as possible in a time of shrinking resources.

Less Crime, Lower Costs

This report identifies examples of ten programmes that are proven to have significant impact on future offending as well as being cost-effective. But knowing what works is only the first step; these programmes have to be put into practice properly in order to have the desired effect and the report’s authors also show how to implement and fund these programmes which would cut crime and its associated costs.

Inside Out: the case for improving mental health care across the criminal justice system

Professor Brooker and Ben Ullmann highlight the current barriers to improved mental healthcare of offenders, highlight some of the most effective schemes from around the world and show how these schemes could save more than £100 million each year.

You're Hired! Encouraging the employment of ex-offenders

Each year, in England and Wales, approximately 66,000 offenders will return to society from prison. The estimated total cost of re-offending to society is £13 billion per year. You're Hired! investigates ways of encouraging the employment of ex-offenders, thus reducing these figures.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Professor Charlie Brooker and Ben Ullmann argue that levels of mental health staffing would need to be tripled in order to reach service levels equivalent to that of the wider community but that rates of reoffending would have to fall by less than 1% to make this improvement cost effective.

Unlocking the Prison Estate: Modernising the Prison System in England and Wales

In the face of the inadequacy of Britain's prison system, Unlocking the Prison Estate, argues that by unlocking the value in the prison estate the Government could generate sufficient funds to construct modern prisons that are fit for purpose and offer a greater number of prison places.

Gun and Knife Crime in Great Britain

This publication explores public perceptions of gun and knife crime, opinions about the Government’s response, the ease of which members of the public can get hold of illegal firearms, and the level of support for tougher penalties and robust enforcement.

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