What do we want from the new Prime Minister?

A series of policy ideas for new leadership

What do we want from the next Prime Minister? New ideas for the UK’s future are plentiful. Brexit has increased the number of potential futures for our country. But as yet a new national consensus – a governing philosophy with a broad basis of support and an exciting policy agenda to match – has proved elusive.

Policy Exchange believes that such a consensus is within our grasp and is the only basis for a process of national renewal. We are publishing a complete set of policy ideas on these issues and more.

The project has been endorsed by architect of the last Conservative majority victory Sir Lynton Crosby, Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, and has the backing of Lord Feldman, former Chairman of the Conservative Party.

Policy Exchange is also hosting a series of events asking the question, “What do we want from the next Prime Minister?”, in policy areas such as housing, education, the economy, lawfare and the rise of China.


by Sir Lynton Crosby

It is time to build a new national consensus


by Dean Godson

There are plenty of ideas on the centre-right. Here’s how it can create a new, decent, patriotric consensus



Social Care

A policy proposal that would help to address the serious and urgent problems affecting the provision of social care in the UK


A policy programme to raise standards at all levels of the education sector and to ensure the UK has the skilled and qualified labour force necessary to boost national productivity.  

The Backstop

Towards a new approach to the Irish border that protects the peace process and secures the future of the Union





A policy programme for overcoming the housing crisis – building beautiful homes, new towns, homes suited for older people and a new direction for helping first time-buyers

Environment & Energy

A policy programme to enhance the environment, tackle climate change, protect consumers and spread regional prosperity


A policy programme for turning the UK into one of the leading space nations of the 21st century, by recognising the strategic importance of Space Power to Britain’s future; reforming the government’s approach to space; raising Britain’s game in the global space race; and rebalancing Britain’s space relationships towards a more global approach 

The next Prime Minister will face a pretty full in tray on their first day in No 10. Brexit will be top of the agenda, but there must also be a focus on the important things that matter to people’s daily lives – having a decent job, a home to call your own, time for your family, security in retirement. With all that in mind, it would be wise to pay close attention to the sorts of policy ideas that will be put forward by Policy Exchange in this project over the coming weeks and months, on housing, energy, the environment and more.

Ruth Davidson

Leader of the Scottish Conservatives

This authoritative work shows that the next Prime Minister has the opportunity to build a new national consensus around the issues that unite the country. The research and polling Policy Exchange has undertaken reveal significant areas in which there is broad agreement amongst the British people, from the importance of beauty in housing, to a robust approach to discipline in schools. Anyone seeking to unite and lead the country should pay attention to this important project.

Lord Feldman

Former Chairman of the Conservative Party

Jack Airey

Head of Housing. 2018-2020 Read Full Bio

Benedict McAleenan

Senior Adviser, Energy and Environment Read Full Bio

Warwick Lightfoot

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Will Heaven

Director of Policy and Communications 2018-2021 Read Full Bio

Jos Henson Grič

Research Fellow for Economics, Technology and Science Read Full Bio

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Head of Education and Culture Read Full Bio