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avatar for Michael AuslinMichael Auslin

Senior Fellow

avatar for Benjamin BarnardBenjamin Barnard

Head of Technology Policy

avatar for Ray BassettRay Bassett

Senior Fellow on EU Affairs

avatar for Ed BirkettEd Birkett

Head of Energy and Environment

avatar for Professor Jeremy Black MBEProfessor Jeremy Black MBE

Professor Jeremy Black MBE

avatar for Stephen BoothStephen Booth

Head of the Britain in the World Project at Policy Exchange

avatar for Chris BranniganChris Brannigan

Senior Fellow

avatar for Josh BucklandJosh Buckland

Senior Fellow, Energy & Environment

avatar for Ben CaldecottBen Caldecott

Senior Fellow

avatar for Claire CoutinhoClaire Coutinho

Senior Fellow

avatar for Robert EdeRobert Ede

Head of Health and Social Care

avatar for Richard EkinsRichard Ekins

Head of the Judicial Power Project

avatar for Dr Martyn FramptonDr Martyn Frampton

Senior Fellow, Security and Extremism Unit

avatar for Zewditu GebreyohanesZewditu Gebreyohanes

Research Fellow

avatar for Professor Graham GeeProfessor Graham Gee

Judicial Power Project

avatar for Nusrat Ghani MPNusrat Ghani MP

Senior Fellow

avatar for David GoodhartDavid Goodhart

Head of Demography, Immigration & Integration

avatar for Alexander GrayAlexander Gray

Research Fellow, Security & Extremism

avatar for Dr Graham GudginDr Graham Gudgin

Chief Economic Adviser

avatar for Patrick HennesseyPatrick Hennessey

Senior Fellow

avatar for Samuel HughesSamuel Hughes

Senior Fellow

avatar for Sir John JenkinsSir John Jenkins

Senior Fellow

avatar for Dr Mike JonesDr Mike Jones

Senior Research Fellow, Energy & Environment Unit

avatar for Eric KaufmannEric Kaufmann

Senior Fellow

avatar for Sir Stephen LawsSir Stephen Laws

Senior Fellow, Judicial Power Project

avatar for Warwick LightfootWarwick Lightfoot

Head of Economics and Social Policy

avatar for Gerard LyonsGerard Lyons

Senior Fellow

avatar for Khalid MahmoodKhalid Mahmood

Senior Fellow

avatar for Sir Noel MalcolmSir Noel Malcolm

Senior Adviser on Human Rights

avatar for Julie MarionneauJulie Marionneau

Research Fellow, Judicial Power Project

avatar for Professor David Martin JonesProfessor David Martin Jones

Visiting Fellow, Britain in the World

avatar for Benedict McAleenanBenedict McAleenan

Senior Adviser, Energy and Environment

avatar for Charles MooreCharles Moore

Visiting Scholar

avatar for Michael MosbacherMichael Mosbacher

Head of the Liveable London Project

avatar for Geoffrey OwenGeoffrey Owen

Head of Industrial Policy

avatar for Alessio PatalanoAlessio Patalano

Senior Fellow

avatar for Dr Damon PerryDr Damon Perry

Senior Research Fellow

avatar for Trevor PhillipsTrevor Phillips

Senior Fellow

avatar for Sean PhillipsSean Phillips

Research Fellow, Health and Social Care Unit

avatar for Dr Geoff RabyDr Geoff Raby

Head of Trade Policy

avatar for Calvin RobinsonCalvin Robinson

Senior Fellow, Education and History Matters Project

avatar for Juliet SamuelJuliet Samuel

Senior Fellow

avatar for William Schneider JrWilliam Schneider Jr

Visiting Scholar

avatar for Dr Tony Sewell CBEDr Tony Sewell CBE

Senior Research Fellow, Demography, Immigration and Integration

avatar for Tom SimpsonTom Simpson

Associate Fellow

avatar for Dr Paul StottDr Paul Stott

Head of Security and Extremism

avatar for Sir Robin WalesSir Robin Wales

Senior Adviser on Local Government, Skills and Housing

avatar for Leyton WellsLeyton Wells

Research Fellow

avatar for James WhartonJames Wharton

Senior Fellow

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