Warwick Lightfoot
Warwick Lightfoot

Director of Research &
Head of Economics and Social Policy

Zoe BengherbiZoe Bengherbi

Energy and Environment Research Fellow

John BewJohn Bew

Head of Britain in the World

Dr Dominic BurbidgeDr Dominic Burbidge

Judicial Power Project Research Fellow

Jonathan DupontJonathan Dupont

Economic & Social Policy Research Fellow

Richard EkinsRichard Ekins

Head of the Judicial Power Project

Gabriel ElefteriuGabriel Elefteriu

Britain in the World Research Fellow

Dr Martyn FramptonDr Martyn Frampton

Head of Security and Extremism

Tom GallowayTom Galloway

Research Fellow

Professor Graham GeeProfessor Graham Gee

Judicial Power Project

Andrew GilliganAndrew Gilligan

Head of the Capital City Foundation

Marc GlendeningMarc Glendening

Constitutional and Legal Affairs Research Fellow

David GoodhartDavid Goodhart

Head of Demography, Immigration & Integration

Richard HowardRichard Howard

Director of Development &
Head of Environment & Energy

Lindsay JohnsLindsay Johns

Head of Arts and Culture

Rebecca Lowe CoulsonRebecca Lowe Coulson

State and Society Research Fellow

Gerard LyonsGerard Lyons

Chief Economic Adviser

Richard NorrieRichard Norrie

Demography, Immigration, and Integration Research Fellow

Dr Geoff RabyDr Geoff Raby

Head of Trade Policy

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