Alex DeaneAlex Deane

Research Fellow, 2003

Alex MasseyAlex Massey

Education Research Fellow, 2009-2011

Alex MortonAlex Morton

Head of Housing, Planning & Urban Policy, 2010-2013

Alexander Meleagrou-HitchensAlexander Meleagrou-Hitchens

Research Fellow, 2008

Alice HarberAlice Harber

Economics Research Fellow, 2009-2011

Amy FisherAmy Fisher

Communications Director, 2008-2010

Anna FazackerleyAnna Fazackerley

Head of Arts & Culture and Education Units, 2008-2010

Annaliese BriggsAnnaliese Briggs

Education Research Fellow, 2014-15

Anthony BrowneAnthony Browne

Director, 2007-2008

Ben CaldecottBen Caldecott

Head of Environment & Energy Unit, 2008-2009

Ben UllmannBen Ullmann

Crime and Justice Research Fellow, 2007-2009

Blair GibbsBlair Gibbs

Head of Crime & Justice, 2010-2012

Briar LipsonBriar Lipson

Research Fellow, 2007-2008

Cameron ScottCameron Scott

Research Fellow, Technology Policy Unit, 2012-15

Carol StoreyCarol Storey

Health and Social Care Research Fellow, 2009

Charlotte CrabtreeCharlotte Crabtree

Events Coordinator, 2010-2012

Charlotte Leslie MPCharlotte Leslie MP

Research Fellow

Charlotte McLeodCharlotte McLeod

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2012-14

Chris GatenbyChris Gatenby

Development Manager 2010-2011

Chris Skidmore MPChris Skidmore MP

Research Fellow

Chris WalkerChris Walker

Head of Housing, Planning and Urban Policy

Chris YiuChris Yiu

Head of Digital Government, 2011-13

Colleen NwaodorColleen Nwaodor

Research Assistant, 2012-2013

Daisy Meyland-SmithDaisy Meyland-Smith

Research Fellow, 2008 - 2009

David SkeltonDavid Skelton

Deputy Director and Head of Research, 2011-2013

Dr Andrew LilicoDr Andrew Lilico

Chief Economist, 2009-2010

Dr Michael Pinto-DuschinskyDr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky

Former Senior Consultant to Policy Exchange, Political Institutions

Dr Oliver Marc HartwichDr Oliver Marc Hartwich

Chief Economist, 2005-2008

Dr Steven KingDr Steven King

External Relations Director, 2006-2008

Ed CondonEd Condon

Fundraising Manager, 2008-2010

Ed HolmesEd Holmes

Senior Research Fellow for Economics & Social Policy, 2009-2013

Eddie CopelandEddie Copeland

Head of Technology Policy, 2013-15

Edward BoydEdward Boyd

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Emily KilnerEmily Kilner

Communications Officer, 2012-2013

Emily ReddingEmily Redding

Business Forum Manager, 2011-14 and Financial Policy Research Fellow, 2013-14

Gabriel MillandGabriel Milland

Head of Press, 2010-2011

Gavin LockhartGavin Lockhart

Head of Crime and Justice Unit, 2006-2009

Glyn GaskarthGlyn Gaskarth

Head of Crime & Justice

Greg MunroGreg Munro

Education Research Fellow, 2010

Guy MiscampbellGuy Miscampbell

Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, 2012-2014

Guy NeweyGuy Newey

Head of Environment & Energy, 2010-2014

Hannah McNultyHannah McNulty

Events Assistant, 2014-15

Hannah StauntonHannah Staunton

Head of Events, 2008 - 2010

Harriet McKenzieHarriet McKenzie

Head of Events, 2009-14

Harriet WaldegraveHarriet Waldegrave

Education Research Fellow, 2011-2014

Helen ThomasHelen Thomas

Economics Research Fellow

Henry FeatherstoneHenry Featherstone

Head of Health Unit, 2008-2010

Hiba SameenHiba Sameen

Economics Research Fellow, 2009-2011

Holly ReesHolly Rees

Trusts, Foundations and Business Development Officer

Jacob AmisJacob Amis

Research Fellow - Foreign Policy & Security

Jacqueline RiozziJacqueline Riozzi

Head of External Affairs, 2012-14

James BartyJames Barty

Senior Consultant to Policy Exchange, Financial Policy, 2011-2013

James CracknellJames Cracknell

Senior Research Fellow for Obesity and Physical Activity

James FrayneJames Frayne

Director of Policy and Strategy 2014-16

James GrovesJames Groves

Head of Education, 2010-2012

James Mackenzie SmithJames Mackenzie Smith

Research Fellow, 2009

James NormanJames Norman

Research Fellow to the Director, 2010

James O'ShaughnessyJames O'Shaughnessy

Deputy Director, 2004-2007

Jamie BurnJamie Burn

Research Fellow, 2008

Janan GaneshJanan Ganesh

Research Fellow, 2005-2007

Jennifer KatzarosJennifer Katzaros

Press and Events Manager, 2012-15

Jesse Norman MPJesse Norman MP

Executive Director, 2005 - 2006

Jonathan McCloryJonathan McClory

Research Fellow, 2006-2009

Julian ChantJulian Chant

Arts & Culture and Education Research Fellow, 2007-2009

Karen SosaKaren Sosa

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Katherine DraysonKatherine Drayson

Environment & Energy Research Fellow, 2013-15

Katie YoungKatie Young

Press Officer, 2013-14

Kulveer RangerKulveer Ranger

Head of the Diverse Communities Unit

Laurence ColemanLaurence Coleman

Research Fellow, 2014-15

Lawrence KayLawrence Kay

Research Fellow - Economics Unit, 2008-2010

Lilly WhithamLilly Whitham

Health & Social Care Research Fellow, 2010

Louisa MitchellLouisa Mitchell

Head of Family and Philanthropy Unit, 2006-2008

Lucy LeeLucy Lee

Head of Education, 2012-13

Lynne MiddletonLynne Middleton

Security Research Fellow, 2013-14

Mark MacGregorMark MacGregor

Deputy Director, 2013-2015

Matthew OakleyMatthew Oakley

Head of Economics & Social Policy, 2011-2013

Matthew SmithMatthew Smith

Digital Communications Manager, 2009-15

Matthew TinsleyMatthew Tinsley

Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, 2011-2014

Max ChambersMax Chambers

Head of Crime & Justice, 2012-14

Mayuri ParmarMayuri Parmar

Deputy Head of the Diverse Communities Unit

Munira MirzaMunira Mirza

Development Director

Natalie EvansNatalie Evans

Deputy Director, 2008-2011

Natasha PorterNatasha Porter

Deputy Head of Education, 2014-15

Neil O'BrienNeil O'Brien

Director, 2008-2013

Nick Boles MPNick Boles MP

Director, 2002-2007

Nick FaithNick Faith

Director of Communications, 2011-14

Owen CorriganOwen Corrigan

Education Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Paul GaraudPaul Garaud

Housing, Planning & Urban Policy/Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, 2012-2013

Piotr BrzezinskiPiotr Brzezinski

Head of Digital Government, 2011

Ralph HartleyRalph Hartley

Senior Research Fellow for Education, 2009-2011

Rhodri DaviesRhodri Davies

Government and Philosophy Research Fellow, 2007-2009

Rishi SunakRishi Sunak

Head of the Black & Minority Ethnic Research Unit, 2013-15

Robert McIlveenRobert McIlveen

Research Fellow, 2009-2010

Roger GoughRoger Gough

Head of Government & Constitution Unit, 2006-2009

Rory GeogheganRory Geoghegan

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2011-2013

Ruth DavisRuth Davis

Head of Economic & Social Policy, 2014

Ruth PorterRuth Porter

Crime & Justice Research Fellow, 2013

Sam FreedmanSam Freedman

Head of Education Unit, 2006-2009

Sarah FinkSarah Fink

Digital Government Research Fellow, 2012-14

Saratha RajeswaranSaratha Rajeswaran

Deputy Head, Black and Minority Ethnic Research Unit, 2013-15

Sean WorthSean Worth

Head of the Better Public Services Project, 2012-14

Sian HansenSian Hansen

Managing Director, 2006-13

Simon HornerSimon Horner

Research Fellow, 2006-2008

Simon LessSimon Less

Head of Environment & Energy, 2010-2012

Simon MooreSimon Moore

Senior Research Fellow for Environment & Energy, 2010-14

Steve HughesSteve Hughes

Head of Economic and Social Policy

Tamara BarnettTamara Barnett

Senior Research Fellow for Obesity and Physical Activity, 2014-15

Tara SinghTara Singh

Head of Environment & Energy, 2007-2008

Ted SumpsterTed Sumpster

Financial Services Research Fellow, 2010-2011

Thomas CawstonThomas Cawston

Head of Health, 2014-15

Thomas SweetmanThomas Sweetman

Environment & Energy Research Fellow, 2008

Tom RichmondTom Richmond

Education Research Fellow, 2008-2009

William ClowesWilliam Clowes

Security Research Fellow, 2011

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