Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Strikes A Chord For Diversity And Social Inclusion

Sep 22, 2015

“According to a report last year by the think tank the Policy Exchange, people from ethnic minority backgrounds will make up nearly a third of the U.K.’s population by 2050. Its report, “A Portrait of Modern Britain“ revealed that the five largest distinct Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in the U.K. could potentially double from 8 million people or 14% of the population to between 20-30% by the middle of the century.

“Over the past decade, it said, the U.K.’s White population has remained roughly the same while the minority population has almost doubled. Black Africans and Bangladeshis are the fastest growing minority communities with ethnic minorities representing 25% of people aged under the age of five.”

See the full article on Forbes magazine’s website

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