From The Sunday Telegraph: Don’t sanitise deadly virus of Islamism, warns Javid

Nov 30, 2020

Former Home Secretary warns against efforts to “sanitise” the deadly “ideological virus” of Islamism by calling it “faith-based violence”


Woke activists who cry “islamophobia” at all attempts to tackle extremism are threatening Britain’s efforts to root out and protect the public from Islamist terrorism, Sajid Javid says today.

Writing exclusively for The Telegraph, the former Home Secretary – who is himself a Muslim – warned against efforts to “sanitise” the deadly “ideological virus” of Islamism by rebranding it as “faith-based violence” or irhabi – the Arabic word for terrorist.

He said this shift in terminology was not just being backed by Islamist groups but also being discussed by senior policy officials including counter-terrorism police chiefs.

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