Judicial Power Project: John Finnis on ‘Brexit and the Balance of Our Constitution’

Dec 2, 2016

Following on from his three Judicial Power Project papers on Miller, Professor John Finnis delivered the Sir Thomas More Lecture at Lincoln’s Inn on ‘Brexit and the Balance of Our Constitution’, on 1 December 2016. The lecture provided powerful explanation of constitutional principle and the sound way to understand the legal issues at dispute before the Supreme Court in the Miller case next week. We are extremely pleased to publish the final version of the text.

John Finnis FBA is Professor Emeritus of Law & Legal Philosophy at the University of Oxford and Biolchini Family Professor of Law in the University of Notre Dame. He was Rhodes Reader in the Laws of the British Commonwealth in the United States in the University of Oxford from 1972 to 1989 and then Professor of Law & Legal Philosophy there until 2010. He is a Fellow of the British Academy in the Law and Philosophy sections, an Honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford and a member of Gray’s Inn.

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