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Polling – Deltapoll

Jun 29, 2020

Sample size: 1,560

Fieldwork: 18th-19th June 2020

In the last week or so you may have seen or heard about public calls for the removal of statues of historical figures linked to the slave trade or racism, along with attempts to destroy or vandalise some of them. Which one of the following statements do you MOST agree with?
Even if the historical figure used wealth gained from the slave trade for public benefit, their statues should no longer be allowed to stand  25%
It is unfair to make judgments about people in the past based on today’s values. Statues of people who were once celebrated should be allowed to stand   65%
Don’t know 10%
Which of the following do you most agree with?
We should learn from history rather than try to re-write it 77%
We should question how we look at British history and no longer recognise success if it caused misery or suffering to some victims  20%
Don’t know 3%
Generally speaking, from what you know of UK history as a whole, do you think it is….
Something to be proud of 69%
Something to be ashamed of 17%
Don’t know 13%
A number of statues have been the focus of attention in this debate. Do you personally support or oppose each of the following actions?
The statue of Edward Colston, who was a benefactor of good causes in Bristol but who partly gained his wealth from the slave trade, being pulled down by demonstrators and thrown into the Bristol harbour
Strongly support 10%
Tend to support 14%
Neither support nor oppose 24%
Tend to oppose 20%
Strongly oppose 27%
Don’t know 5%
Support (All) 24%
Oppose (All) 47%
NET -23%
The statue of Sir Winston Churchill, wartime leader of Britain but also someone accused of racism, being spray painted with graffiti
Strongly support 8%
Tend to support 9%
Neither support nor oppose 13%
Tend to oppose 16%
Strongly oppose 51%
Don’t know 4%
Support (All) 17%
Oppose (All) 67%
NET -50%
The Cenotaph war memorial in Whitehall, which remembers the dead from wars, being used as a focal point for demonstration, vandalised or desecrated
Strongly support 6%
Tend to support 7%
Neither support nor oppose 12%
Tend to oppose 11%
Strongly oppose 60%
Don’t know 4%
Support (All) 13%
Oppose (All) 71%
NET -58%
Do you think the statue of Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister during the Second World War, should or should not be removed from Parliament Square because some of his views are considered offensive by some people today?
Should be removed 11%
Should not be removed 80%
Don’t know 8%
Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square celebrates Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was victorious at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, regarded as Britain’s greatest seafaring triumph. However, Nelson has now being accused of being a “white supremacist” by some people. Do you think Nelson’s column should now be removed from Trafalgar Square?
Yes – it should be removed 10%
No – it should not be removed 81%
Don’t know 9%
Do you think school children are taught enough history in school in order to make a value judgement on each of the following….
Whether Edward Colston’s statue should be removed
Yes 16%
No 65%
Don’t know 19%
Whether Winston Churchill’s statue should be removed
Yes 17%
No 69%
Don’t know 14%
Whether Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square should be removed
Yes 15%
No 70%
Don’t know 15%
Whether Robert Baden Powell’s statue should be removed
Yes 14%
No 68%
Don’t know 18%
Generally speaking, do you think that Britain would be a better place, or a worse place without any statues?
Better place 15%
Worse place 57%
Don’t know 28%
Do you think that the police should protect statues from violent removal, or not?
Yes, the police should protect statues from violent removal 75%
No – the police should not protect statues from violent removal 15%
Don’t know 10%
The National Trust cares for buildings, places, spaces and collections on behalf of the nation, and many have direct and indirect links to slavery and colonialism. Do you think it should or should not do more to educate visitors about this aspect of history?
Yes – it should 76%
No – it should not 13%
Don’t know 11%
How concerned are you, if at all, that a minority of political activists are being given too much say over how Britain treats its monuments?
Very concerned 40%
Quite concerned 30%
Neither concerned nor unconcerned 16%
Not very concerned 6%
Not concerned at all 3%
Don’t know 5%
Concerned (All) 70%
Not concerned (All) 9%
NET +61%
Do you think that all schoolchildren should have to study history up to GCSE level, or should they be allowed to drop it at age 14 which is currently the case?
Should have to study to GCSE level 60%
Should be allowed to drop at 14 29%
Don’t know 11%


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