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NHS and social care issues are at the centre of the debate about the country’s future. Policy Exchange’s revitalised Health and Social Care Unit will focus on three great healthcare challenges as part of its Build Back Better Programme. First, with more investment going into our NHS, how do we ensure the new money delivers for patients, families and staff? Second, how do we fix our social care system to support our ageing population? Policy Exchange’s report ’21st century social care’ provides an affordable solution that provides dignity and security to those needing care. Finally, how can we move our healthcare system to a more preventative model of care post-COVID through the use of new technology and innovation, and ensure that new facilities and hospitals are fit for purpose for the decades ahead? Healthcare is changing fast; this work programme looks at how our health and social care system can continue to change to meet the needs of the population.

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The People’s NHS

The People’s NHS

Following an election that was as much about the NHS as it was about Brexit, recruiting more doctors and nurses should be one of the Government’s top priorities, according to new polling conducted for Policy Exchange, which shows that:

42% of voters cited a shortage of doctors and nurses as one of their three biggest concerns for the NHS and 61% want investment in these professionals prioritised by the Conservatives.

Social Care Reform

Social Care Reform

New YouGov polling carried out for Policy Exchange shows the extent to which women, who have been identified as critical voters at this general election, worry about the impact of social care on their families and careers. As the major parties finalise their manifestoes, the polling shows that:
• One in five (21%) women aged 35-55 have helped care for someone with long-term needs and nearly half (43%) of women in this group, know a close family member who has done this
• 64% are worried about the effect that losing their home and other assets would have on their family If they required care in later life
• 65% feel that the care system is too complicated too understand
• 53% worry about the impact on their career if they were needed to take care of a relative

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