What does Brexit mean for East Asia?

Sep 9, 2016

What does Brexit mean for East Asia?


Bilahari Kausikan
Ambassador-at-Large of Singapore


Bilahari Kausikan is Ambassador-at-Large of Singapore.

From 2001 to 2013, he was Second Permanent Secretary and then Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He had previously served in a variety of appointments, such as Director of Southeast Asia, Director for East Asia and the Pacific and as Deputy for Southeast Asia.

Ambassador Kausikan has also served as the Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York and as Ambassador to the Russian Federation. He has been awarded the Public Administration Medal (Gold) and the Pingat Jasa Gemilang (Meritorious Service Medal) by the Government of Singapore.

He has also been awarded the Order of Bernado O’Higgins with the rank of Gran Crus by the President of the Republic of Chile, and the Oman Civil Merit by the Sultan of Oman.

Ambassador Kausikan was educated at Raffles Institution, the University of Singapore, and Columbia in New York City.

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