The Road to Somewhere: A New Settlement in British Politics?

Time & Date

Wednesday 15th March 2017

18:00 – Registration
18:30 – Event begins
19:30 – Event finishes


8-10 Great George Street

This month sees the publication of the latest book by David Goodhart, Policy Exchange’s Head of Demography and Integration. In ‘The Road to Somewhere’, David investigates the political and moral fault lines which divide Britain – and how common ground can be found after Brexit. He argues that several decades of greater economic and cultural openness in the West have not benefited all our citizens.

Among those who feel left behind, a populist politics of culture and identity has successfully challenged the traditional politics of Left and Right, creating a new division: between the mobile identity of the people from Anywhere, and the marginalised, roots-based identity of the people from Somewhere. This schism accounts for the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, the decline of the centre-left, and the rise of populism across Europe.

David was joined by an expert panel including Tim Montgomerie and Jonathan Freedland to discuss the ideas he raises – and how Britain’s political parties should deal with their implications.

The Road to Somewhere will be published by Hurst & Company on 23rd March.

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