The Art of the Deal: how does the UK boost international trade?

Sep 27, 2016

Time & Date

Tuesday 27th September 2016

13.00 – Start
14.00 – End


Room 2H, 5,
ACC Liverpool,
Kings Dock,
L3 4FP

hsbcChair: Warwick Lightfoot, Head of Economic and Social Policy, Policy Exchange

Speakers: Bill Esterson MP, Shadow Minster for Small Business | Ian Tandy, Co-Head of Corporate Banking, London, HSBC | Vicky Pryce, Economics & Business Consultant | Will Hutton, Columnist, The Guardian

The advent of Brexit has put back on the table a whole area of policy that for decades politicians have barely had to think about. Britain once saw itself as the champion of free trade, and now has the opportunity to once again make its own deals and expand its markets. But at a time when many see globalisation as having peaked, and hard trade-offs remain to be answered over Britain’s relationship with Europe, finding the right strategy is going to be far from straight forward.

In this panel event, we want to explore some of the big questions about Britain’s future trade policy:

  • How important is staying in the European single market? What are the alternatives if this doesn’t prove feasible?
  • What should our general negotiating strategy in pursuing new deals? Unilateral, bilateral, or multilateral?
  • What countries should we be prioritising and where are likely to be the biggest opportunities?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges facing UK businesses looking to export?
  • How should we align our trading strategy with the Government’s new overall industrial strategy?
  • How do we maintain public support for freer trade, and help offset the losers and downsides of globalisation?


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