Speech Wars

Feb 29, 2016

Britain’s reputation as a haven of political liberty is now being questioned. Whether it is the imposition of “No Platform” and “Safe Space” policies in our universities, bans on visitors from abroad because of the views they hold, regulation of the press, or plans to restrict the expression of extremist ideology, freedom of speech faces many challenges in Britain today.

Policy Exchange is holding an event that will bring together speakers who have contrasting views on this critical issue to consider these and other challenges. We will be asking our panellists to consider the following big questions: where should the legal line be drawn in terms of what can be said? Should the line be enforced differently in different contexts? Should there even be any legislation restricting free expression? Does Britain’s diverse nature necessarily mean there needs to be more regulation of what we can and cannot commute?

Our panel of speakers include: Munira Mirza, (London Deputy Mayor, Education and Culture), Jess Phillips MP (Labour MP for Birmingham and equalities campaigner), Kitty Parker Brooks (2014 UK national debating champion and recent Cambridge politics and sociology graduate), Douglas Murray (Associate Director, Henry Jackson Society, author, commentator) and Kate Smurthwaite (feminist comedian, writer for Have I Got News For You, The Revolution Will Be Televised).

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