Digital Disruption: how technology will change the future of the economy

Sep 26, 2016

Time & Date

Monday 25th September 2016

08.00 – Start
09.00 – End


Room 2H, 5,
ACC Liverpool,
Kings Dock,
L3 4FP

avivaSpeakers: Angela Eagle MP, Former Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills | Gerard Grech, CEO, Tech City UK | Kathryn Winup, CFO, Aviva Digital | Kate Bell, Head of Economic and Social Affairs, TUC

In every walk of life technology is disrupting the way we live. Innovative companies, individuals and others are creating new business models that have dramatically improved our quality of life, reduced prices and increased consumer choice.   Barely any aspect of our lives have been left untouched, with companies that barely existed a few short years ago now playing a central part in our day.

But disruption presents risks as well as opportunities, creating new market failures as well as solving old ones. It may mean the end of traditional industries and established ways of working. Communities will be disrupted and grave challenges will be posed for those unable or ill equipped to participate in the new economy.

What is certain is that this is just the beginning, with disruption only likely to increase as technology develops further.

This panel event, held in partnership with Aviva, will look at all of these issues in closer detail and consider some of the leading questions about technology’s future impact on the economy:

  • How do we ensure the UK is equipped to thrive in the digital economy?
  • How do we strike the right balance between reducing risk and promoting innovation?
  • What are the implications for workers and workplace rights?  How can we better prepare workers for the future?
  • How do we ensure nobody gets left behind?

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