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The Clean Growth Strategy: worth the wait?

Policy Exchange’s Energy and Environment Research Fellows, Matthew Rooney and Joshua Burke, respond to the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy. The long awaited strategy document detailing how the UK will meet their emissions reductions targets was published on Thursday. In it there is positive news for onshore wind, nuclear power and the hydrogen economy, whilst fracking is a notable absence. A next big decision for the Government to make is whether the UK will remain in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Policy Exchange are currently conducting research into the potential benefits of leaving the scheme and implementing a British carbon tax system.

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A second wind: the economics of offshore become increasingly competitive

Following our ‘The electric economy: achieving our low carbon energy future‘ event this week, where experts debated the future of Britain’s electricity system, Joshua Burke – Policy Exchange Energy and Environment Research Fellow – further explores this area and, in particular, the potential economic benefits of offshore wind.

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Going Round in Circles: Developing a new approach to waste policy following Brexit

To mark the launch of the report, Policy Exchange held an event to discuss both the proposals made in the report, and broader questions concerning the future direction of waste and resources policy following Brexit

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Developing a Modern Industrial Strategy

This major conference gathered together leaders from the fields of politics, academia and business to debate the shape of the emerging Industrial Strategy.

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Powering a New Economy: How a clean energy revolution means Britain can lead the world

In this talk, Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, gave his assessment of the UK clean energy sector and put forward the steps the Liberal Democrats will take to work towards a zero-carbon Britain

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Efficient Energy Policy

Efficient Energy Policy

Efficient Energy Policy states home-buyers would be encouraged to buy more energy efficient properties if Stamp Duty was directly linked to the energy performance of a home. The report argues that promoting home energy efficiency could not only reduce energy bills, but is also one of the cheapest ways to cut carbon emissions.

Up In the Air: How to solve London’s air quality crisis – Part 1

Up In the Air: How to solve London’s air quality crisis – Part 1

Nearly 25% of all school children in London and 44% of the Capital’s workforce are exposed to levels of air pollution that exceed legal and healthy limits. Up in the Air analyses data from over 100 air quality monitoring sites across London. It shows the most polluted parts of the capital currently have levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) nearly four times the legal limit, with 12.5% of London’s total area exceeding the legal limit for NO2, and that deprived areas are more likely to be affected.

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What has been missed or misunderstood in this week’s Euratom debate?

What has been missed or misunderstood in this week’s Euratom debate?

Matt Rooney — Policy Exchange’s Energy and Environment Research Fellow — reflects on the way in which the Government’s view that leaving the EU must also mean leaving Euratom has made this previously obscure treaty into a ‘political battleground’. Calling for a national discussion about how to withdraw from Euratom smoothly, he posits that this will be the ‘first real test of the UK’s ability to leave the EU and open up to the world’.

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