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Days of Future Past?

The UK should develop an Indo-Pacific strategy based on shaping security in the region, with a forward presence centred on a flexible, scalable, sustainable force.

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Strategic Map

Net Assessment for the MOD: Implementation is Key

Net Assessment is a tremendous opportunity for a strategic renaissance – we must get it right from the beginning

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A Question of Power

A “Global Britain” engaged in a long-term international competition needs to play a much more efficient and finely tuned strategic game.

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Spaceports will transform the UK into a spacefaring nation

Policy Exchange’s senior defence fellow, Gabriel Elefteriu, reflects on the Government’s decision to build a spaceport in Scotland. He argues the decision is an important step on on the UK’s journey to become a leader in space industry.

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Space dawn

Britain’s industry-led space policy “model” has been a resounding success. But can it survive the fierce competition of the new space race?

The UK has made significant progress developing its approach to space, including the passage of the recent Space Bill and announcement of the Space Strategy, argues Policy Exchange’s Senior Research Fellow for Defence Gabriel Elefteriu. Discussing the event held at Policy Exchange to explore these issues, Gabriel argues that more will be required if the UK is to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new frontier.

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Union Flag

Strong support for the Union across all parts of the UK

As Policy Exchange hosts a major conference on the future of the Union, exclusive new polling reveals that popular support for Union remains strong and British identification is robust’.

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US House of Representatives reaffirms bipartisan commitment to NATO’s Article 5: Could the UK Parliament follow suit?

US House of Representatives reaffirms bipartisan commitment to NATO’s Article 5: Could the UK Parliament follow suit?

John Bew and Gabriel Elefteriu of Policy Exchange’s Britain in the World project reflect on President Trump’s firmest yet statement on Article 5 — NATO’s collective-defence clause which holds that an attack on one member is an attack on all. They point out that this is a commitment that has been made after lengthy manoeuvrings both within the Administration and on Capitol Hill; and conclude by asking whether a similar resolution might pass the House of Commons.

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How should Britain negotiate trade deals post-Brexit?

How should Britain negotiate trade deals post-Brexit?

Jul 18, 2016

Policy Exchange hosted Dr Geoff Raby, one of the most pre-eminent trade negotiators in the world, a former Australian Ambassador to China and to the World Trade Organisation; Hon Alexander Downer, Australian High Commissioner to the UK; and Sir Lockwood Smith, High Commissioner of New Zealand to UK

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Priorities of public spending: 1.The NHS 2. Social care 3. Education 4. Benefits & welfare 5. The environment Social Care ranks second – @Policy_Exchange’s report highlights why we need to complete the #welfare state…