Regulatory Policy

About the Project

A number of economic sectors are - for a range of reasons - subject to detailed, sector-specific regulation by the government and by economic regulators.

These sectors include electricity, water, rail, gas, airports, legal services, waste, healthcare, telecommunications and post.  They together comprise a substantial proportion of the UK economy, as well as providing services fundamental to the functioning of society.  These sectors face economic, technological, environmental and social pressures that challenge the status quo.

How these sectors are regulated in future is therefore a critical policy question. Policy Exchange aims to inform and influence debate on policy in relation to the regulated sectors, with a particular focus on the design of regulation that aids effective exploitation of market processes.

About the Project Head

Dr Simon Less is Policy Exchange's Senior Visiting Fellow, Regulatory Policy. Simon has many years of experience in relation to regulated sectors and government policy-making, as a Whitehall Senior Civil Servant, a regulator, a consultant, and a research director in Policy Exchange.

Separately from Policy Exchange, Simon is a Director of Lucerna Partners Ltd, advising public and private sector bodies on a range of regulation and policy issues. Simon also chairs the Advisory Board to the Regulatory Policy institute, and is a member of the expert advisory panel to the Office of Rail Regulation.

Previously, Simon served as head of Policy Exchange's Environment and Energy Unit, and his related publications can be found on the Environment and Energy webpage. Before that Simon was a Director at Ofwat and held a number of Senior Civil Service positions in the Treasury and Ministry of Justice.

Simon is vice chairman of ReStore Community Projects, a furniture reuse charitable business. He has a PhD from Cambridge University in chemistry, and an MBA from Imperial College Business School.