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Lord Wolfson: Great garden cities will be great for growth

  • Simon Wolfson, who is offering a £250,000 prize for the most innovative ideas on how to build a new garden city, today backed the Government's plans for garden cities as an important tool in securing the future of the British economy.

  • New Garden Cities: Finalists for the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize to be announced on 4 June 2014

  • Simon Wolfson, the founder of the prestigious Wolfson Economics Prize, today revealed that the finalists for the 2014 Prize will be announced at a special event on Wednesday 4 June 2014. The prize asks entrants to write an essay on how they would deliver a new garden city which is visionary, economically-viable, and popular.

  • Give investors a direct say on board appointments

  • A new Policy Exchange report, Board Rules: Improving corporate governance, reveals that the solutions proposed and enacted by the government to drive up the standards of corporate governance among UK companies amount to little more than, “a damp squib”. High profile failings including the inability of Non-Executive Directors to challenge Fred Goodwin at RBS or Paul Flowers at the Co-op highlight the need for urgent action.

  • Cut ‘jobs tax’ to boost employment and pay

  • The government could boost employment, pay and productivity by cutting the National Insurance (NI) rate for all businesses.

    In a report published today, Policy Exchange shows how pay has fallen in line with output per worker throughout the recession across every region of the UK and in every sector except agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Both productivity and pay decreased sharply at the beginning of 2008, falling back to 2005 levels by the first quarter of 2009.

  • Policy Exchange appoints Annaliese Briggs as Education Research Fellow

  • Leading think tank Policy Exchange is delighted to announce the appointment of Annaliese Briggs as its new Research Fellow within the Education Unit.

  • Think tank urges Ofsted to ditch lesson observations

  • Unreliable lesson observations that normally last less than twenty minutes should be ditched in all routine school inspections as part of a radical set of reforms needed to improve the way schools are inspected in England.

  • Benefit cards will help create a fairer sanctions regime

  • A new Policy Exchange report, Smarter Sanctions, reveals that each year as many as 68,000 people on Jobseekers Allowance have their benefits taken away by mistake and face unnecessary hardship as a result.  This figure refers to claimants who have failed, for example, to attend a Jobcentre interview for the first time, and receive a sanction which is appealed and later overturned. The report suggests that such financial penalties have contributed to the rise in the number of people using food banks.

  • Give 10,000 new magistrates expanded powers in ‘Police Courts’

  • A new Policy Exchange report, Future Courts, argues that locating magistrates in police stations would deliver much swifter justice, dramatically reducing the time it takes to punish criminals. There is currently a two month delay from the time an offender is charged by the police to the sentence being handed down in a magistrates’ court. The report says that this wasted time weakens the power of punishments and means that the system does little to change the behaviour of offenders.

  • Brits must save over six times more for their retirement

  • 11 million people are at risk of entering ‘pensioner poverty’ when they retire, according to a new report today which is urging the government to make it compulsory for people to save for later life.

  • 650,000 single parents out of work

  • Of the 1.8 million single parent households in the UK, 650,000 – almost 1 in 4 – are not in any sort of work, with the average single parent household claiming twice as much in benefit support as the average two parent household. A new Policy Exchange report says that the proportion of lone parent households UK is the fourth highest in the EU – trailing only Estonia, Latvia and Ireland. It urges policymakers to target support at helping young, single parents find work as part of any plans to find further savings in the welfare budget.