Government 'loses billions' to bad data policy

Tuesday, 03 July 2012

Government 'loses billions' to bad data policy


"Inefficient data policy is costing the government billions, a think tank has claimed.

"Policy that does not use existing data to its full potential is causing the government to forego £33 billion a year in savings, according to a report by Policy Exchange.

"'Across the public sector, extraordinary quantities of data are amassed in the course of running public services – from managing welfare payments and the NHS, through to issuing passports and driving licences,' said report author Chris Yiu.

"To improve government's use of data the report calls for the creation of a 'Data Force' unit to examine information across departments and identify potential savings.

"The new unit could, for example, analyse data on airport queues in real time to anticipate bottlenecks and ensure personnel were efficiently allocated."

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government 'loses billions' to bad data policy