A more efficient Civil Service ‘could halve the deficit’

Tuesday, 03 July 2012

A more efficient Civil Service ‘could halve the deficit’


"The Government could save up to £33 billion a year by using public data and technology more effectively, according to a report by the think-tank Policy Exchange.

"It suggests that abolishing the census, tackling benefit fraud and collecting unpaid tax could almost halve the Budget deficit. It is calling for a “data force” unit in Whitehall to identify savings in other areas. The unit would have access to departments’ data and would be tasked in its first year with finding £1 billion in savings.

"Chris Yiu, the report’s author, said that extraordinary amounts of data were amassed in the course of running public services which could be shared to save money.But he also acknowledged the tension between extracting value from public data and protecting the rights of individuals who do not wish to be tracked or monitored."

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a more efficient civil service ‘could halve the deficit’