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20 August 2014 | Doctors are told to send fat patients to keep-fit classes in the park: GPs could use 'green prescriptions' instead of medication

  • The Policy Exchange report Green Society: Policies to improve the UK's green spaces is covered in the Daily Mail. The article focuses on the reports recommendation that pilots should be run in which GPs refer patients to non-clinical sources of support to improve their mental and physical health. These could include joining a physical fitness class held in a local park. The patient would pay the standard prescription charge and the Clinical Commissioning Group would fund the remainder of the course, with the class organisers paying the local authority a fee as part of an agreement to hold classes in a public green space.


  • 20 August 2014 | People living near green spaces should pay a 'park levy'

  • The Telegraph covers several recommendations from the Policy Exchange report Green Society: Policies to improve the UK's green spaces.

    Highlighted in the article is the suggestion that residents should be given the ability to vote on whether to raise a compulsory levy on properties within a set distance from a park or urban green space. The levy would be directed into funding the maintenance of green spaces and exemptions would apply to people unable to afford the levy. 

  • 20 August 2014 | Clean up your local park and get a council tax rebate, suggests thinktank

  • The Guardian writes of recommendations made in Policy Exchange's recent report Green Society: Policies to improve the UK's green spaces. In particular the article highlights the idea of full or partial council tax rebates for local residents who volunteer to maintain and improve nearby green spaces. The report proposes that this would encourage people of all ages, backgrounds and income groups to become actively engaged in their local communities.  

  • 18 August 2014 | We must learn to love the 'quintessentially British' bungalow again if we want to solve the housing crisis, says minister

  • Policy Exchange's Housing and Intergenerational Fairness report is cited by The Daily Mail following housing minister Brandon Lewis' calls for more bungalows to be built. The report calls for reform of the planning system in a bid to encourage the construction of more bungalows which would allow older people to downsize, freeing up family sized homes.

  • 18 August 2014 | 'Make after-school clubs compulsory'

  • The Times reports on Policy Exchange's recently published report Only A Matter of Time? which analyses what the impact of a longer school day might be and sets out what a longer school day would look like in practice.  

  • 16 August 2014 | Would you pay a new tax to live next to a park?

  • Ahead of the release of a Policy Exchange report looking into new ways to improve local green spaces in the face of local authority budgetary cuts, The Observer has covered some of the forthcoming recommendations. The report will say that those living near a park should be invited to vote on whether to raise a levy on properties within a set distance of a park or urban green space.  

  • 14 August 2014 | North needs to retain its tech graduates, says think-tank

  • Policy Exchange's report Silicon Cities is covered by The Financial Times. To boost the technology sector across the country, the report proposes reviving the idea of directly elected Mayors to lead economic growth in their areas including the development of tech clusters.

  • 14 August 2014 | Northern cities can be ‘technology powerhouse’

  • The Times reports on Policy Exchange's report Silicon Cities which highlights how 'brain drain' from northern cities is preventing the technology revolution to reach all parts of Britain.  

  • 12 August 2014 | A censorious creed that gnaws away at the Conservative vote

  • Financial Times columnist Janan Ganesh cites the finding from Policy Exchange's A Portrait of Modern Britain report that by 2030 approximately one third of Britons will be from an ethnic minority.

  • 11 August 2014 | Pressure to slash benefits outside richer South-east

  • The Express covers recommendations from an impending Policy Exchange report which analyses where additional savings could be made in the welfare system. One proposal the report will make is that the government should lower the benefit cap outside of London and the South East where there is a lower cost of living.