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26 February 2015 | It’s dangerous just to let radicalised Britons go and join Isis

  • Writing in The Guardian, Shiraz Maher, author of Policy Exchange's report Ties that Bind, cites comments from former deputy assistant police commissioner Peter Clarke at Policy Exchange in 2003 saying that Britain had largely become a "net exporter of terrorism".

  • 20 February 2015 | Landscape panel tackles green infrastructure funding question

  • Horticulture Week quotes Policy Exchange's Environment & Energy Research Fellow Katherine Drayson from her talk at a recent Rethinking Landscapes debate. Katherine argued that, with austerity not yet at its peak, local action is going to have to pick up some of the slack for green space maintenance.

  • 17 February 2015 | Sarah Sands: A great city is smart, safe and socially mixed

  • Sarah Sands, editor of the London Evening Standard, covers Ed Glaeser's speech at the launch of the Capital City Foundation. Glaeser stressed the importance of attracting intelligent people, good infrastructure and the rule of law.

  • 16 February 2015 | Edward Glaeser: Two great cities - but London has the edge now over New York

  • Ahead of the launch of Policy Exchange's new London-focused think tank the Capital City Foundation, eminent urban policy expert Professor Ed Glaeser compared London and New York in the London Evening Standard. Professor Glaeser gave London the edge over it's American rival.

  • 13 February 2015 | Proposal to build 1m new homes in next 10 years

  • The Guardian covers Policy Exchange's new Garden Cities report. The report suggests that local opposition to housebuilding can be overcome by devolving powers to set up new garden villages to local councils.

  • 13 February 2015 | No room for a Garden City? Just build a Garden Village instead, says think-tank

  • The Independent covers Policy Exchange's Garden Villages report, calling for councils to be enabled to build new garden villages away from current settlements. The article reports that the idea has generated considerable excitement in Downing Street, with one source saying it could be a 'potential election manifesto idea'.

  • 13 February 2015 | Empower councils to build 'green villages', former Coalition planning adviser says

  • The Daily Telegraph covers Garden Villages, Policy Exchange's latest report. The report shows how giving local councils the ability to build "garden villages" could provide 1 million badly needed new homes over the course of a decade.

  • 10 February 2015 | Killers and rapists win human rights victory at Strasbourg

  • The Daily Telegraph quotes Glyn Gaskarth extensively from his recent blog on the European Court of Human Rights' ruling that prisoners in the UK should be allowed to vote. Glyn set out 4 reasons in his blog why he disagreed, including that the judgement forgets the victims of serious crime, as well as misconceptions from the ECtHR on how the ban on prisoner voting actually works in the UK.

  • 10 February 2015 | Can mobile technology be a catalyst for inclusive growth?

  • The Guardian quotes Eddie Copeland, Head of Policy Exchange's Technology Policy unit, discussing the potential of mobile technology for spreading growth more evenly through society. Eddie argues that the biggest obstacle to exploiting the full potential of mobile is poor education and high costs.

  • 05 February 2015 | David Blunkett: Labour should bring back the 'death tax'

  • The Telegraph covers David Blunkett's speech at the launch of Policy Exchange's Welfare Manifesto. During the event, Blunkett revealed that he believes Labour should re-adopt plans it held in 2010 for a levy of 10% on estates to pay for social care.