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30 March 2015 | Teachers threaten parents over video games

  • Jonathan Simons, Policy Exchange's Head of Education, is quoted by The Times responding to letters from schools in Cheshire threatening parents with police involvement in order to prevent their children staying up late playing video games. Jonathan argues that whilst schools should try and help on issues that negatively affect pupils' work, involving the police is unlikely to be helpful.

  • 26 March 2015 | ‘Let schools pay top teachers 25% more,’ mobility tsar says

  • The Telegraph covers Alan Milburn's recent speech at Policy Exchange on education and social mobility, at which he called on government to give 2,000 teachers 25% pay rises if they agree to work in the most challenging schools. The Telegraph highlights that Milburn's comments echo Policy Exchange work in this area.

  • 26 March 2015 | Alan Milburn: give the best teachers a 25 per cent pay rise

  • The TES covers Alan Milburn's recent speech on education and social mobility at Policy Exchange. At the event he proposed a 25% pay increase for 2,000 teachers in return for them agreeing to teach in challenging schools.

  • 23 March 2015 | Tories revive Thatcher’s right-to-buy

  • The Sunday Times reports that the Conservatives are set to announce that they have adopted calls from Policy Exchange's Ending Expensive Social Tenancies report for councils to sell off expensive council housing in order to fund more new affordable social homes. They are also examining calls from Freeing Housing Associations to help housing associations build more market homes to sell and cross-subsidise social housebuilding.

  • 17 March 2015 | Education, schools and universities: General Election 2015 policies of the political parties

  • In their round-up of party education policies, The Daily Telegraph cite Policy Exchange's Free Schools report A Rising Tide, which found that underperforming schools performed significantly better in areas where a new Free School had opened.

  • 13 March 2015 | Teach first

  • The Economist cites A Rising Tide, Policy Exchange's recent Free Schools report, in its article looking at the Free Schools programme to date. The report found that there is an association between the opening of a new Free School and the improvement in results at nearby underperforming schools.

  • 12 March 2015 | Two in three young criminals return to crime within a year of release

  • Glyn Gaskarth, Head of Policy Exchange's Crime & Justice unit, is quoted by the Daily Express in response to figures which show that 68% of younger offenders commit another crime within a year. Glyn argues that tougher sentencing will allow teams longer to work with young offenders on turning their lives around.

  • 10 March 2015 | Lesson Learnt

  • The Times runs a leader article supporting Policy Exchange recent Free Schools report A Rising Tide. The article brands the findings of the report as having "important implications" for the future of Free Schools in that current Labour and Liberal Democrat would bar them from being set up in places where they would be most effective.

  • 09 March 2015 | 500 new free schools to be created if Conservatives win election

  • A Rising Tide, Policy Exchange's new report on Free Schools, is covered by The Telegraph. The report debunks claims that Free Schools undermine standards and shows in fact that they are associated with an improvement in under-performing schools nearby.

  • 09 March 2015 | Free schools: David Cameron pledges 500 more by 2020

  • BBC News covers Policy Exchange's new report A Rising Tide which examines the effects of Free Schools on neighbouring schools. Head of Education and report co-author Jonathan Simons is quoted saying that new Free Schools are associated with an increase in results in lower performing neighbouring schools.