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19 August 2016 | 'Commuter cops' threaten Met's response to terror attacks

  • The Evening Standard reports on Policy Exchange's new Commuter Cops report and explores how increased numbers of officers living outside of London is having a detrimental effect on the Met's ability to protect and serve Londoners.

  • 16 August 2016 | The Observer view on the cost of university education

  • Policy Exchange's ‘Higher, Further, Faster, More’ report on higher education is discussed in the observer.

  • 15 August 2016 | Max Hasting reports on Policy Exchange's "Immigration and Integration After Brexit"

  • Following Policy Exchange's briefing paper Immigration and Integration After Brexit Max Hastings' describes the report as “required reading for our new government”.

  • 10 August 2016 | Judges must keep out of political minefields

  • Philip Johnston, writes for The Daily Telegraph on judges making political decisions and the work of Policy Exchange's Judicial Power Project.

  • 22 July 2016 | Britain can still take part in EU military missions even after Brexit

  • The Daily Mail reports on the Policy Exchange Britain in the World Project's new report and what it means for the future of UK Foreign Policy.

  • 19 July 2016 | How can new trade deals work best?

  • Paul Goodman, writing for Conservative Home, discusses Policy Exchange's recent event about Britain's post-Brexit trade strategy.

  • 08 July 2016 | After Iraq we must not let the pendulum swing towards knee-jerk isolationism

  • Tom Tugendhat MP writes for the Times about the response to the Chilcot Report and his work with the late Jo Cox MP on a new Britain in the World paper.

  • 07 July 2016 | Charles Moore on the upcoming Britain in the World paper from Policy Exchange

  • Charles Moore writes for the Spectator about the upcoming Britain in the World paper from Policy Exchange by Tom Tugendhat MP and the late Jo Cox MP.

  • 07 July 2016 | Five Point Plan for Immigration Reform, Prior to Free Movement Change

  • David Goodhart, head of the Demography, immigration and integration unit at Policy Exchange, writes about the immigration challenges facing the next Prime Minister.

  • 06 May 2016 | London Air Pollution Became a Major Issue in Its Mayoral Race

  • Time's report on Air Pollution and the London mayoral election quotes Richard Howard, head of Policy Exchange’s Environment and Energy unit.

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