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10 April 2014 | The boardroom debate needs to move beyond gender

  • Emily Redding, Financial Policy Research Fellow at Policy Exchange, outlines the main arguments in her report, Board Rules: Improving Corporate Governance. Emily argues that the focus on making boards more gender representative has skewed the debate away from how we can get more people with a diversity of appropriate skills and experience onto boards.

  • 07 April 2014 | Living standards and the recovery: the difficulties with defining income groups

  • Steve Hughes, Policy Exchange's Deputy Head of Economic & Social Policy, responds to a recent report showing that the middle class has weathered the fall-out from the financial crisis relatively well. Steve argues that the report's findings and recommendations show how difficult it is to properly define parts of the income distribution for specific interventions. Instead we would be better off cutting National Employers insurance in order to stimulate hiring and wage recovery.

  • 04 April 2014 | Primary Assessment and Accountability Reform

  • Annaliese Briggs, Policy Exchange's Education Research Fellow, responds to the Department for Education's recent publication detailing reforms to primary school assessment and accountability. Annaliese argues that we are likely going to see a wholesale change to the structure of measuring pupil progress over the next couple of years, because current National Curriculum levels are vague, subjective and unreliable.

  • 31 March 2014 | Watching the Watchmen - an update

  • Jonathan Simons, Policy Exchange's Head of Education, responds to comments made following our recent report on Ofsted, Watching the Watchmen, and reflects on Sir Michael Wilshaw's speech at the ASCL Conference. Jonathan reiterates some of the recommendations of the report, such as the need to maintain lesson observations in certain cases. In addition, he calls for more transparency and for schools to be given more power over decision-making. 

  • 31 March 2014 | Labour MPs need to learn to work together. Going it alone can only get you so far

  • Ruth Porter, Head of Economic and Social Policy at Policy Exchange, outlines why Labour MPs need to start working together. Ruth argues that younger Labour MPs are more focused on building a personal reputation and express little in the way of ideological commitment. This 'rampant individualist' approach stands in stark contrast to the solidarity displayed by their Conservative counterparts, which has led to a proliferation of groups with a clear vision.

  • 26 March 2014 | The great British wage squeeze should be about to end

  • Ruth Porter, Head of Economic and Social Policy at Policy Exchange, outlines how government can speed up economic growth and subsequently improve living standards by cutting employers' National Insurance contributions. With the UK enjoying a strong connection between pay and productivity, then as output grows, so will pay. By incentivising business to employ more workers, this would therefore drive up pay.

  • 24 March 2014 | Property crime matters, and it’s time to put it on the map

  • David Lammy MP, Policy Exchange's new Visiting Fellow, calls for property crime to be tackled head on. It is an issue that touches people from all backgrounds, but particularly the low paid and most disadvantaged, yet half of all reported property crimes result in 'no further action' by the Metropolitan Police. Property crime needs to shoot up the public policy agenda as a matter of urgency.

  • 20 March 2014 | From pensions to living standards – what the Chancellor should do next

  • Nick Faith, Policy Exchange's Director of Communications, argues that while Budget 2014 was a great success, the Chancellor should not be complacent if his party seeks to govern alone post-2015. Nick argues that the Conservatives need an iconic policy that will link economic growth to rising living standards. He suggests creating a new generation of shareholders by distributing government-owned shares in Lloyds – as we called for in our report Privatising the Banks – as one such policy.

  • 18 March 2014 | Budget 2014: how Osborne can reduce Labour's poll lead on living standards

  • Nick Faith, Policy Exchange's Director of Communications, writes saying that the Chancellor needs to make it clear how national policy on jobs, housing and taxes will improve voters' personal situations.

  • 14 March 2014 | Why we need a more strategic approach to open data

  • Open data has huge potential, says Policy Exchange's Head of Digital Government Eddie Copeland, but there is a danger that the benefits could be lost unless a new approach is taken.