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02 October 2015 | Play hard, work hard

  • Jonathan Simons, Policy Exchange's Head of Education, looks ahead at the challenges facing the higher education sector, including: a tightening of funding during the spending review; a re-emergence of tuition fees as a political issue and the potential effects of Brexit on international students.

  • 25 September 2015 | A policy guide to what we can expect from Labour under Jeremy Corbyn

  • Policy Exchange's research units set out in brief what Jeremy Corbyn's leadership could mean for the Labour party in the areas of economics and financial policy; devolution; housing; transport; energy and climate change; and education.

  • 25 September 2015 | People who liked Nudge also liked Digital Nudge

  • Eddie Copeland, Policy Exchange's Head of Technology Policy, shows how digital tools offer a powerful channel for policymakers to use and enhance nudge techniques and how, in turn, nudge prompts offer the potential to increase the effectiveness of digital government projects.

  • 24 September 2015 | Ministers should add social media to the education mix

  • James Frayne, Policy Exchange's Director of Policy & Strategy, calls for the government to consider creating an online platform that sets out exactly what the best schools demand from top performers, in order to allow other parents and pupils to emulate their success.

  • 23 September 2015 | Garden villages could help solve the housing crisis and empower local communities

  • Chris Walker, Policy Exchange's Head of Housing & Planning, sets out the case for constructing a new series of 'garden villages' in England in order to help tackle the housing crisis.

  • 17 September 2015 | Poor people need more bobbies on the beat

  • Glyn Gaskarth, Policy Exchange's Head of Crime & Justice, sets out the case made by David Lammy MP in his recent report for Policy Exchange Low Crime for All. The report calls for a more visible police force, with a greater emphasis on foot patrols in poorer areas.

  • 16 September 2015 | What exactly is ‘subsidy free’ onshore wind?

  • Following up on his recent report Powering Up, Policy Exchange's Head of Environment and Energy Richard Howard writes about what 'subsidy free' onshore wind might mean in reality.

  • 02 September 2015 | The Future of Intelligence: The potential and the risks of artificial intelligence

  • Michael Osborne and Stuart Russell, both speakers at our recent event The Future of Intelligence, provide a breakdown of their thoughts on the potential and risks that the greater use of artificial intelligence will bring.

  • 01 September 2015 | How our cities are changing

  • Damian Hind, Policy Exchange's Economics & Social Policy Research Fellow, examines the ONS's newly released Travel to Work Area data, highlighting the success of Cambridge and Manchester's labour markets.


  • 27 August 2015 | 5 points of focus for the ‘next phase’ of GDS

  • Following a series of high-profile departures at the Government Digital Service, Policy Exchange's Head of Technology Eddie Copeland sets out where the GDS should go next. Eddie calls for the GDS to be focus on maintaining standards for front-end government IT; improving user experience; leading on open standards and best practice; and improve government IT procurement.

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