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  • 24 September 2014 | John Denham: £9K fee system ‘wastes money’

    • Our Labour Party Conference fringe event, Why on earth does going to university cost so much money? is covered by Times Higher Education. Speaking on the panel, Rt Hon John Denham MP, former Secretary of State, Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills, argued that the £9,000 fee system “wastes money hand over fist.”

  • 23 September 2014 | Make all state schools academies, says report by rightwing thinktank

    • Our report, Primary Focus is covered by The Guardian. The report calls for all primary schools to convert into Academies and join a "chain" by 2020 to ensure that, in the face of multiple challenges (including a new curriculum and assessment systems), teachers and schools have the capacity and capability to meet tough new minimum standards being introduced in 2016.

  • 23 September 2014 | Fifth of primary schools 'will fail to hit tough new targets'

    • The Daily Telegraph covers our recently published report Primary Focus. The report highlights how a number of challenges, including a new curriculum and assessment systems, could see 1 in 5 primary schools failing to meet tough new minimum standards being introduced in 2016.


  • 26 September 2014 | The advantages of scale

    • Annaliese Briggs, Policy Exchange's Education Research Fellow, explains the thinking behind our recently published report, Primary Focus. The report highlights how a “perfect storm” of challenges could see 1 in 5 primary schools falling below the government’s tough new minimum standards in 2016 and proposes grouping schools together into formal academy chains, building capacity and capability.

  • 25 September 2014 | The skills debate is critical to the future of our coastal towns

    • Policy Exchange's Director of Communications Nick Faith highlights the fact that, although people can see the economy improving many are still not seeing their own life circumstances improving. Nick highlights the plight of coastal towns in particular, and calls for the government to address the economic problems people are facing through a focus on improving training, jobs and wages.

  • 24 September 2014 | Labour’s star speaker isn’t such a star

    • Nick Faith, Policy Exchange's Director of Communications, considers Labour’s choice of guest speaker at this year's Labour Party Conference. Nick argues that the decision to invite Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, is not a particularly wise one, considering Mayor de Blasio’s record of raising taxes, unfunded spending commitments and caving in to militant trade unions.

Press Releases

  • 23 September 2014 | 1 in 5 primary schools at risk of failing from 2016

    • Over 3,000 primary schools (20%) could fall below the government’s tough new minimum standards in reading and writing and maths in 2016. A “perfect storm” of challenges will see a number of head teachers retire, a continued drop off in local authority funding for primaries and the introduction of a new national curriculum and assessment systems, putting more pressure on teachers.

  • 19 September 2014 | Policy Exchange appoints David Frum as new chairman

    • Policy Exchange is delighted to announce that David Frum, one of the leading thinkers and writers on public policy in the English-speaking world, is the new Chairman of Trustees of Policy Exchange. He succeeds Lord Finkelstein of Pinner, who is standing down at the end of his three year term.

  • 03 September 2014 | David Rudlin wins the £250,000 Wolfson Economics Prize 2014

    • A Garden Cities Act should be introduced by the next government to enable existing towns and cities to bid for garden city status that will enable them to double in size, providing attractive new homes for thousands of people while preserving the countryside, according to the winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize 2014.

      David Rudlin of urban design and research consultancy URBED will be awarded the £250,000 Prize at a gala dinner and awards ceremony this evening in central London.

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