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19 October 2015 | The Future of Drugs Policy: Dr Kevin Sabet in conversation with Victoria Atkins MP

  • Join Victoria Atkins MP and former US Presidential adviser and author of Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana, Dr Kevin Sabet, at Policy Exchange for a discussion on the future of drugs policy.

  • 19 October 2015 | The Future of the Teaching Workforce

  • Policy Exchange and ASCL are hosting a half-day conference and seminar on the topic of the future of teacher supply in England. With three high powered panel discussions plus a keynote address, all with leading figures from across the education field, this will be a great chance to discuss practical policy work that could be done in the near future.

  • 15 October 2015 | Margaret Thatcher: Everything she wants - Charles Moore in conversation with George Osborne

  • Policy Exchange is delighted to be hosting the official launch of the second volume of Charles Moore’s acclaimed biography of Margaret Thatcher - Everything She Wants. In dialogue with the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Osborne MP, Charles Moore will explore Lady Thatcher’s role during this critical point in her career from the Falklands to the General Election victory of 1987.

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