• Prime Minister comes to Policy Exchange

    Policy Exchange was delighted to host the Rt Hon David Cameron’s speech on prison reform - the first time in over 20 years that a Prime Minister has made a speech solely on the subject. His address contained a number of announcements, many of which stemmed from Policy Exchange reports, including replacing old run-down jails with modern prisons. Read more 

    Prime Minister comes to Policy Exchange
  • Why the Joint Committee on Human Rights got the law wrong on drone warfare

    Leading barrister Sean Aughey (11KBW) and former Army officer Tom Tugendhat MP critically dissect the legal reasoning of the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ report into drone warfare. Read more

    Air pollution in London
  • Up in the Air: How to solve London’s air quality crisis – Part 2

    Up in the Air: Part 2 sets out a comprehensive package of measures to clean up air pollution in London, in particular focusing on the two main sources of pollution – road transport and gas combustion. Read more

    Boosting London's Frontline Policing
  • Boosting London's Frontline Policing

    Glyn Gaskarth, Head of Crime & Justice at Policy Exchange, suggests locating police officers in recently closed London underground ticket offices. Read more

    The Importance of Teachers
  • The Importance of Teachers

    The Importance of Teachers is a collection of 11 essays from expert commentators and participants in education which set out practical things which government, schools and heads might do to tackle the teacher supply crunch currently affecting schools in England. Read more

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